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What Are My Options for Outdoor Countertops?

If you have a bar or serving space in your garden/lawn, you might be concerned about the counters. You certainly don’t want to go for something like wood, which can rot or become waterlogged over time.

However, investing in a fancy stone countertop isn’t worth it if it isn’t weather resistant. So what are your options for outdoor countertops? There are several materials you can choose from. All you need is a reputable countertop company to assist you.

Take a look at the styles and designs we’ve mentioned below to understand better what countertops you can put outdoors.

outdoor countertop with stoves
outdoor countertop with bricks and fireplace
outdoor kitchen countertop with stainless
  • Marble

    If you want your garden to look like an ancient Roman bathhouse, then you can always give outdoor marble counters a try. They match well with light-colored concrete. If your garden has statues or a fountain, then they’ll blend even better.

    Be careful about the marble counters you select for an outdoor kitchen. Marble is easier to maintain indoors. If your counters are exposed to the elements, you’ll have to regularly reseal it to ensure it doesn’t crack or wear down.

    Marble is a durable stone, so it won’t become unusable if you don’t reseal it. The surface will just get rougher over time, but it will still be sturdy.


    Granite is one of the most popular outdoor countertops for kitchens because it performs very well in the elements. Just make sure you select a light color! Darker granites can become insanely hot in direct sunlight.

    If you live in a hotter state (like Texas), you know how bad it hurts to place your hand on a sun-heated material. Granite is also more versatile with its sealants. You can buy seals that will provide extra protection from stains and mold.

    Granite is great for any garden design because it has various colors, from vibrant to neutral. You won’t have to worry about its color fading over time either.


    Quartz is another typically light-colored material that will work well in your outdoor kitchen/bar space. It’s incredibly sleek and durable. It won’t draw much attention, but it will look pristine for years after installation and is easy to wipe clean.

    Quartz counters are also more affordable than granite and marble. The material is near impossible to scratch, crack, or chip. They’re perfect for the outdoors because the material will hold up against most extreme weather conditions, including heavy rain and hail.

    You also won’t have to reseal your quartz countertops. They will be ready for decades of use without a sealant immediately after installation. The one thing you will want to avoid is direct sunlight. Quartz works well for shaded kitchen spaces but will wear down if exposed to the sun for too long.


    Quartzite is the perfect combination of quartz, granite, and marble. It has the durability of quartz without the easy damage from the sun. It’s as strong as granite but much cheaper. It also has the appearance of a fine marble slab.

    Quartzite would make better as a bar countertop than for your kitchen. It doesn’t fare well under high temperatures and can crack if you place hot pans or pots on it. It’s also not incredibly stain resistant without the proper seal, so you’ll need to be careful about spills.


    Compared to the other materials on this list, onyx is relatively soft and fragile. However, it can make a stunning addition to a low-use area outdoors. The intricate patterns of the stone are sure to impress your guests and can make an excellent accent to any outdoor space.

    Suppose you’re thinking of ideas of where to use the onyx. Consider placing a small slab around a sink or a dining area. These activities don’t cause a lot of wear and tear and will still provide plenty of opportunities for you and your guests to appreciate the stone’s beauty.


    Dekton is an artificial material made to replicate quartz and other durable counter stones. It has impressive stain and scratch resistance and doesn’t fade over time. It’s also perfect for seasonal outdoor spaces because it can withstand high and low temperatures well.

    Unlike quartzite and onyx, Dekton can survive a hot pot or knife cut. It won’t break under even the most extreme conditions, and it’s affordable compared to other stones.


    The options are limitless for your outdoor countertops. Among the stones we’ve mentioned are hundreds of patterns and designs for you to choose from. Once you decide, you can contact CCT Natural Stone Designs, and we’ll install them for you.

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