Steps to Have Someone Replace My Bathroom Countertop

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Steps to Have Someone Replace My Bathroom Countertop

High-quality stone bathroom countertops help to tie your entire bathroom decor together. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What are the steps to have someone replace my bathroom countertop?” then continue reading.

You can find out how easily you can replace bathroom countertops with elegant CCT Natural Stone Designs.

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Step 1: Contact Us with Your Project Details

The first step to having someone replace bathroom countertops is reaching out to an expert. Contact us at CCT Natural Stone Designs to request a free quote today.

Let us know the basics of your project details. You can either send in pictures of your current space or a rough sketch with measurements. Measure every edge of your counters so that your dimensions on the provided images are as accurate as possible. If we have any follow-up questions, we will get in touch via the contact information you provided.

Step 2: Receive Your Free Quote

After you have submitted your project details, someone from the CCT team will be in touch with a preliminary quote. This estimate is provided to you before we begin work on your replacement bathroom countertops. It’s that simple! Once you have settled on materials and a price point, schedule a visit for our CCT team to inspect the site.

Step 3: Schedule a Site Visit

In the industry, templating is the term we use for a site visit where we accurately measure your counters. During this visit, we find the perfect shape for each piece of stone to fit in flawlessly with your design. Templating takes our experts between fifteen and thirty minutes for each bathroom or kitchen that needs to be measured.

Since your new countertops will be created to these measurements, be sure to schedule your site visit only after your designs are finalized.

Step 4: Select Your Preference for Stone

Now that you know the exact dimensions needed for someone to replace your bathroom countertops, you get to choose which stone suits your style best.

CCT Natural Stone Designs will connect you with a stone distributor located most conveniently to your home. Our expert team and distributor personnel will help you with any questions regarding recommended materials should you need any assistance with your choice.


Granite is an igneous rock formed with visible grains that give this natural countertop surface an impressive appearance. It comes in a wide range of colors, all unique in appearance.

Granite is a good choice for replacing bathroom countertops because of its durability, diamond-hard surface, and water and stain resistance.


Marble is created through intense heat and pressure—the result is a luxurious-looking stone. This heat-resistant stone works well in bathrooms because styling tools like hair straighteners will not damage the surface of this elegant material. Also, polished marble is nearly nonabsorbent and, with proper care, will make an enviable bathroom countertop.


Quartzite countertops are made from natural quartz and do not have anything added to them to change their appearance. Quartzite is extremely durable and long lasting, making it a great replacement for your outdated bathroom countertop.


Quartz is one of the hardest and most abundant minerals on the planet. CCT Natural Stone Designs install countertops fabricated from natural quartz, with small pieces of glass or metallic flecks added. These small pieces add a unique touch and variety for countertops that rejuvenate your bathroom decor.


Onyx has a striking appearance and is becoming more popular for its aesthetic look. Onyx is a less popular option for bathrooms than other, harder stones because it is not as durable or stain resistant as other materials.


Neolith is manufactured from natural materials. It is a relatively new trend in countertops but is growing in its appeal due to its resilient and ultra-compact surface. This is an eco-friendly option made from recycled materials. It is heat resistant and easy to clean, making it an attractive option for replacing bathroom countertops.


Dekton is similar in its features to Neolith countertops but offers a different variety of colors and designs to replace bathroom countertops with.

Once you know which bathroom countertop material works best for your needs, the stone distributor will put your selection on hold. Then production starts to cut them into the dimensions you desire.

Step 5: Custom Installation

When your stone is cut to size, installation only takes one day. Ensure that your bathroom countertops are clear of items beforehand. Our team at CCT Natural Stone Design will ensure that each piece of your new countertop fits, is installed, and sealed into its proper place.

The steps to have someone replace your bathroom countertops aren’t complete until your new sink is installed. Our team will take this hassle out of your hands and remove old counters if needed.

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