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CCT Natural Stone Designs offers everyone customized bathroom countertops that promise to be personal and unique and give your space the ‘wow’ factor you want. Our teams have added value to bathroom countertops for our clients in and around Dallas. And that comes with CCT’s promise of quality services and products.

Installing a Bathroom Countertop

If you simply want to lay a piece of material across your surfaces, sure, you can DIY your bathroom countertops. But if you want solid reshaping, lamination, material cutting, and a safe installation, you want specialists like CCT Natural Stone Designs.

Our pros can save you a lot of time (and, yes, money!) when using the finest tools and latest techniques in tech for replacing bathroom countertops. Our technicians can ensure countertops fit all corners and angles.

Avoid the Glitches

A DIY project can be rife with mistakes. How much money are you saving if you’re recutting to fix errors or replacing damaged or shoddy materials? We have Dallas’s top professionals in bathroom sink countertops and vanity countertops.

Not only will a professional take time to see that these operations prevent pollutants like bacteria from harming your countertops, but we’ll also do it in far less time.

Handling of Materials

Proper handling of something like a vanity countertop is a must. Creating precise countertops is a risky business and can lead to unwanted expenses. Granite bathroom countertops are undoubtedly durable, but they can break. They’re extremely heavy to lift. It’s not unusual for DIYers to crack or chip slabs.

We will meticulously measure material and use the proper equipment and manpower to transport and set heavy slabs when replacing bathroom countertops.

bathroom countertop with big mirror and white tiles
bathroom countertop with tub and lights
bathroom countertop with vanity and white tiles
  • Superior Workmanship

    There’s no way to ensure your valuable marble bathroom countertops are not only correctly installed but constructed of genuine, certified materials without working with a trustworthy team of specialists.

    When you partner with us, your bathroom sink countertops project is in the hands of professionals who hold themselves responsible for your satisfaction. We will meet all the criteria agreed upon with a client. Our team strives to exceed expectations.

    bathroom countertopOutstanding Materials

We get involved in everything from template and design to custom manufacturing and installation. But all of that is null and void if we don’t provide the best materials that guarantee a great ROI.


Our granite comes from igneous rock that’s coarse grained and composed of albite, orthoclase, and quartz. Like all our slabs, this material can match pretty much any pattern or color to fit any bathroom design. You have hundreds of options to choose from.

Solid Surfaces

We have solid surface countertops that will be easy to maintain and last longer. Solid surface countertops, known for design versatility and affordability, are a go-to for interior designers, architects, homeowners, and installers for replacing bathroom countertops.

What makes solids so appealing is they easily mimic marble, granite, stone, and other natural materials. We can construct any number of countertop options for your bathroom because the material is adaptable to a variety of conditions.


Quartz has all the benefits of natural stone but with manufactured enhancements. It plays with light because pure quartz sparkles. Quartz is mined in veins, and it is a tough surface that won’t erode. The playful twinkle you see on white-sand beaches is often the result of quartz minerals glistening off the sun.

Our Business Partners

CCT Natural Stone Designs stands behind its work evolving with the industry, making sure Dallas has access to the most exceptional opportunities in countertops. Our researchers do their homework. Their results demonstrate that cheaper isn’t better. Transparency is critical to quality. If we use the best, we don’t have to hide. 


If you’re replacing bathroom countertops or installing a vanity countertop, reach out to CCT Natural Stone Designs today!

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