Searching for Affordable Countertops? Check These Out

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Searching for Affordable Countertops? Check These Out

There is always a way to make your countertop replacement work with your budget, and we can help make it happen. Regarding granite, marble, and quartz, we promise that there are slabs more affordable than what you’re imagining.


Stone Details

In order to get familiar with the affordable countertops we offer, we included three of them in this article. After learning about them, you can better decide which one complements your lifestyle and your budget.

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We know what you’re thinking—there’s no way marble is an affordable stone. But it is! Though the look of this stone conveys wealth and sophistication, it’s more affordable than it’s ever been, and that’s because it’s more accessible than it’s been in the past.

There are many marble colors and designs to choose from; you’ll find many slabs in gray, white, black, or blue.

It’s important to note that marble is a soft, porous natural stone that requires a certain degree of maintenance. Nothing about this maintenance is outrageous, though. Your marble just needs to be sealed regularly and kept away from acidic substances like citrus and vinegar. It also helps if you clean up spills right away, because the quicker you clean them up, the less likely they are to stain.

Don’t worry about buying expensive cleaners for your marble slab—soap and water will do just fine.


Quartz is an engineered stone that’s nonporous and incredibly easy to care for. While it should only be installed indoors and not outside (as it’s prone to fading under direct sunlight), it is capable of mimicking the look of many natural stones.

Be careful with hot objects around your quartz countertop, though, because these countertops are prone to thermal shock. They are not as heat resistant as marble and granite, so we wouldn’t recommend risking damage. Use a hot pad or trivet to stay safe.

Quartz is known for its high price point, but there are options available for those on a budget.



Granite is a tough and sturdy natural stone that can last for generations. Like marble, it requires a sealing routine and is very heat resistant. It comes in all sorts of bold colorations and patterns and has the potential to bring a room to life.

A unique way that you can invest in granite without going over budget is by choosing granite tiles. This option comes at a lower price but with all the benefits of a full stone slab.

Granite is just as easy to clean as marble is—it’s perfectly happy with soap and water in place of fancy chemicals.


Minding Your Money

At CCT Natural Stone Designs, we want to help you invest in the countertop of your dreams—and stay within budget too! To learn more about our affordable countertops and pricing, contact us today.

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