Things to Know about Marble Countertops

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Things to Know about Marble Countertops

Marble is a naturally occurring soft rock that makes elegant, beautiful countertops and backsplash. When it comes to home remodeling, marble countertops remain a favorite. And at CCT Natural Stones Design, you will find a wide variety of stunning granite.

Here are some things to know about marble countertops.

Marble Countertops Are Heat Resistant

Although marble looks fragile and delicate, it has outstanding heat-resistance capability. Therefore, if you bake frequently and the temperatures get high in your kitchen, marble countertops will stay cold.

However, you don’t want to place anything extremely hot on granite countertops. It could cause discoloration or burn the surface, so ensure that you use a potholder.

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Marble Is a Porous Surface

Even though marble countertops are nonstick and polished, marble is still a natural stone. That means it contains microscopic pores on its surface. These pores quickly absorb moisture, making marble countertops vulnerable to discoloration and staining from juices, oils, ink, and the like.

To avoid stains seeping in deep and altering the countertop’s appearance, wipe off and dry the surface immediately after a spillage occurs. You can also remove a stain that has seeped using a poultice of baking soda and a little water. Spread it on the stain and let it sit for twelve to twenty-four hours before gently removing it by wiping the surface with a damp cloth.

To keep your marble countertops safe, apply a sealant. It maintains the original marble color and prevents the absorption of moisture and liquids that can cause discoloration. A sealant is a long-term solution for maintaining and ensuring a long lifespan.

Marble Countertops Have a Wide Variety of Designs

Mable is a malleable stone, meaning it’s easy to carve and shape. That means it can be cut and styled to meet preferences.

It can be cut as long slabs, connected pieces, or eased edges, giving your countertops a unique appearance.

Marble Countertops Develop a Patina

As marble ages, oxidation occurs, and a crust or thin layer known as a patina forms. This patina is distinctly darker than the original.

Even though a patina is a disadvantage, it gives the marble a vintage look and aesthetic appeal. That said, using a sealant helps avoid the formation of a patina, retaining the original color.

Marble Countertops Are Durable

As a metamorphic rock, marble is more durable. It is more resistant to cracking, scratching, and breaking.

However, for your marble countertop to withstand the test of time and last longer, it largely depends on the care and regular maintenance you give it.

Marble is durable enough to handle high traffic and regular loads in your kitchen, not to mention the different changes in room temperature, as earlier mentioned. It’s able to maintain the original physical properties.

You should also avoid putting too much pressure on marble countertops. Although they can handle the common bathroom and kitchen use, too much weight on the countertops can leave a permanent scar on them.

Also, avoid spilling acidic fluids, such as tomato, vinegar, lemon, or some cleaning agents. The acidic properties cause the countertops to look dull without their natural shine, a problem that can sometimes be difficult to repair.

Marble Countertops Come in Many Colors

As mentioned earlier, marble is a natural stone. Interestingly, attempts to make countertops resembling marble are met with limited success.

That’s because, being a natural stone formed naturally from limestone rock or sedimentary dolomite, marble is composed of unique-looking pieces of varying hues and shades. These different colors are determined by the mix of materials that form it.

Another unique characteristic feature of marble is its distinctive veining. This is attributed to the impurities that get trapped in the limestone during the formation of the marble.

How to Clean Marble Countertops

You should clean marble countertops using cleaners designed for marble cleaning. Some standard cleaning agents are alkaline and can be harmful to your countertops in the long run.

Use a soft pad or sponge for regular cleaning or to wipe off spills. Regular water and soap can work, too, if a marble-cleaning agent is unavailable.

CCT Natural Stone Designs for Quality Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are trendy and in-demand, and now you know why. Marble is soft, and its malleability also makes it easy to design and shape.

It’s also gorgeous with a natural glow that reflects light in any room. The multiple colors it contains give marble countertops a luxurious and bright look, making them especially suitable for kitchens without a lot of natural light.

Contact the experts and transform it into a most beautiful, glamorous space if you’re ready to install marble countertops.

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