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Types of Countertop Edges

When you start planning out your kitchen remodeling project, your countertops are the first component that comes to mind. While the options of the countertops’ characteristics include their color, pattern, and material, there’s another factor to consider. The other aspect is countertop edges.

Depending on the size and design of your kitchen, you’ll need to find the right edge that matches your design. There are several countertop edges to choose from, so it is intimidating to make a decision.

We understand the importance of creating countertops with the most sturdy and visually appealing edges at CCT Natural Stone Designs. With over twenty-five years of experience, our licensed specialists ensure satisfaction while completing a project that matches your needs and preferences.

Why Do Countertop Edges Matter?

Countertop edges enhance the overall design of your countertops by allowing them to flow naturally with the placement of the slab’s material. In addition, if your counter’s cabinets have curvatures, you’ll want the countertop to mesh well with them.

We use professional fabrication machinery at CCT Natural Stone Designs to keep countertop edges smooth, sleek, and polished. When we round out the edges, we lessen the slab’s sharpness, reducing the chances of you or anybody else getting hurt if you accidentally bump into it.

Which Countertop Material Works Best for Stylized Edges?

Although the quality of your countertop material depends on how your manufacturer prepares them, specific types of material might work better for stylized edges more than others. Due to their durability, our granite and quartz countertops work best for most edge finishes.

bathroom countertop with tub and lights
white quartz countertop with sample stone tiles in front
quartz kitchen countertop with edges
  • The Most Popular Countertop Edge Types

    Don’t know where to start when selecting your ideal countertop edges? Here are some of the most common edges you can find in any home. Find inspiration for your project by browsing through our CCT Natural Stone Designs portfolios. We can customize your edges to your liking.


    Bullnose edges have a rounded top and bottom edge that makes the counter space appear thinner. This design is ideal if you have curved kitchen or bathroom counters that you want the countertops to blend into.

    Some homeowners prefer incorporating a half bullnose edge to their countertops to make them look thicker because their curves are much more defined. The style also withstands spills due to their flat bottoms.


    Beveled edges have sharp, 45-degree angles incorporated into their builds. Accidental spills will be directed to the floor and miss your cabinets due to the placement of the edges’ angles. Some homeowners prefer adding multiple beveled layers on top of each other to give it extra depth.


    This style incorporates 90-degree edges all around. In addition, these edges usually have slightly rounded endpoints to reduce the chances of injury or chipping. This type of edge is ideal for homeowners who prefer giving their kitchen a simple design. Many square edges have a sleek, flat polish to enhance their smoothness.


    Eased countertop edges run straight like square edges but have more pronounced rounded top edges. This style complements most countertop materials, including granite, quartz, and marble. It’s an excellent option for homeowners who want to preserve a countertop’s squareness and keep its edges soft and curved.


    Ogee edges incorporate flowing arches to emphasize the aesthetic of your chosen material. Although this edge style is more expensive than other popular choices, many people enjoy using it when crafting tables or vanities. Granite and marble are the most popular materials used for this edge design.


    Chiseled countertop edges have rough and uneven surfaces that enhance the stone countertop’s natural characteristics. This style might interest you if you want to give your kitchen a rustic or raw look. Quartz and granite countertops can stand out with this edge by emphasizing its colors and patterns by mixing its smooth and rough surfaces.

    It might be wise to avoid brushing against this countertop edge because it can crack and leave a mark.

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    If you like what you see in our project portfolio or have any questions related to your projects, reach out to CCT Natural Stone Designs today to discuss which sleek or grainy countertop edges work best for your home.

    Call us today at (940) 293-2645, or message us online if you want to give us specific details about your kitchen renovation project. You can also request a free quote about specific materials that work best with your desired countertop edge design. We can customize any countertop edges to match your home’s style. Costs vary based on the countertop material, edge style, and your space’s size.

    We currently provide services for Dallas, Denton, Frisco, Colleyville, Allen, and Arlington. Our team’s reliable services are an excellent option for local residents interested in remodeling their kitchens.

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