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CCT Natural Stone Designs is proud to offer the best countertop fabrication services in Allen, Texas. If you’re looking for new counters, we can create something unique out of a beautiful natural stone slab.

Why Natural Stone Is Perfect for Counters
Traditional kitchen counters are typically made out of wood or linoleum. Although these materials are acceptable, they often require too much maintenance to be practical. That’s why many modern kitchen designers prefer to use granite, quartz, or another type of natural stone.

Natural stone is simply more durable and heat-resistant than most building materials. You’re not going to crack, burn, or stain a stone counter with normal cooking methods. Stone is also easy to maintain, especially if you seal it on a yearly basis. If you choose a truly hardy material like granite or quartzite, you can expect to have your stone counter for years to come.

What Kind of Stone Will You Choose?
At CCT Natural Stone Designs, we’re prepared to work with all of the standard materials used for countertop fabrication. Simply pick your favorite stone slab, and we’ll turn it into the kitchen counter of your dreams.

Granite is a timeless choice for countertops. This stone is known for being incredibly heat-resistant, durable, and beautiful. Granite comes in a wide array of colors and patterns and is sourced from countries around the world.

Marble has been used as a luxury building material for centuries. Marble counters add lavishness and elegance to a kitchen while still being durable enough for general use. With veins that range from deep coal to bright gold, there are few other types of stone can match the intricacy and richness of marble.

Quartzite is a type of natural stone that looks almost exactly like marble while being significantly more durable. Quartzite counters are an excellent choice for the kitchen environment, and they’re available in an amazing selection of beautiful and natural designs.

Quartz is a man-made countertop material that is created by mixing chipped or ground stone fragment with a polymer resin. The result is an environmentally-friendly slab that glitters and shines like real stone. Because it’s artificially made, engineered quartz is available in more colors and patterns than any other type of stone.

white granite stone countertop with sink
white kitchen countertop with appliances
white granite countertop island with decor in the middle

How We Do Things at CCT Natural Stone Designs
The residents of Allen, Texas deserve the best. That’s why we work to create the most beautiful and elegant stone counters seen in the entire state.

Our fabricators are incredibly skilled and experienced. No matter what kind of stone you choose, they’ll turn it into a truly perfect countertop.

We believe that your kitchen should reflect your personality, so we’ll work with you at every step of the process. You’ll get to choose the slab that’s used for your counters, which means that you’ll be getting a unique pattern that you know you will love.

CCT Natural Stone Designs makes the best natural stone counters in Allen, Texas. If you need new counters installed in your home, get in touch with us; we’ll be happy to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

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