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Materials for Kitchen Countertops: The Best Options

CCT Natural Stone Designs is the company to go to for material for kitchen countertops. We’re proud of our natural and engineered stone selections, and our showroom is full of wonderful options. When you come to see us, expect to find beautiful slabs of marble, granite, quartz, and quartzite—and no two are exactly alike!

The types of countertops you have in your kitchen depends on your lifestyle, the amount of maintenance you’re willing to do for your countertops, the budget you’re working with, and your preferred aesthetic.

Here we’ll go into detail regarding our four materials for kitchen countertops.


Marble is a countertop that you put in a beautiful, luxurious kitchen. There are so many veining and coloration options to choose from—there is truly something for everyone.

Since marble is porous and softer than many natural stones, it requires a certain degree of maintenance to stay looking gorgeous. It needs to be sealed regularly, and you should always use a cutting board when chopping food, as marble is susceptible to scratches.

But if you take care of marble the right way, it can last up to a century. That’s what we mean when we say that our countertop selections have lasting power!

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The aesthetics of quartzite have been compared to that of marble many times. But unlike marble, quartzite is not a soft stone. It’s still a natural selection, but it’s known for its density and hardness. It’s so hard you won’t have to worry about scratching. Quartzite comes with its own unique veining and beautiful, sharp colors. While it may mirror the look of marble, it’s much more durable—which is a big reason why people love installing it in their kitchens.


We love granite, and we stock a wide array of slabs in our showroom. From light colorations to dark, there’s sure to be a countertop that suits your preferences. Granite is very durable—it’s resistant to heat and scratches. It’s a natural stone that must be sealed, as quartzite and marble do, but other than that it doesn’t involve much maintenance.


If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line engineered stone, look no further than quartz. Quartz is inherently nonporous; it’s made with polymers and resins that bind its particles together and seal the pores of the natural quartz base—so you don’t have to. While you don’t need to worry about sealing quartz, you should be careful with heat. It’s not necessarily ultra-sensitive, but always use a hot pad or trivet in the kitchen to avoid damage.

What’s Your Style?

It’s so hard to pick a favorite—we love all of the stones in our showroom. For help on choosing which one suits your kitchen best, give CCT Natural Stone Designs a call today at (940) 999-0439.

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