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CCT Natural Stone Designs provides professional countertop fabrication and installation in Colleyville. Whether you are looking for quartz, quartzite, granite, or marble, we can help you from stone slab to top-quality countertop.

Each of our four stone selections is known for its beauty, durability, and overall quality. CCT Natural Stone Designs can help you choose what is right for you and take your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary.

Choosing a Top-Quality Countertop

With the longevity of a quality stone countertop, it is essential to make an informed decision regarding the material you choose. By working with CCT Natural Stone Designs, we will make sure you get the highest quality of stone from our local distributors.

Granite: A staple in high-end countertops since the 1970s, granite is a durable and heat-resistant stone that comes in various colors and unique patterns. High-grade granite contains one-of-a-kind veins and sometimes even sparkling mineral deposits, making it highly sought after.

Marble: While marble is a softer, more porous stone, there is no denying the beauty of the thick, bold veins that make the stone famous. Marble is also one of the least expensive natural stone materials used in countertops, making it a luxury that can fit almost any budget.

Quartzite: Quartzite is a natural stone made from pressurized quartz sandstone. It is very similar in appearance to marble, yet far more durable. Quartzite is a beautiful and impressive stone with unique veining and a remarkable variation in color and intensity.

Quartz: An engineered countertop that uses quartz and resin, quartz provides a sparkling, durable, non-porous surface. The engineering process removes softer, more impure materials that give it a hardness that rivals granite. Recycled waste stone from quarries and other manufacturing processes go into every quartz countertop, providing an eco-friendly alternative to other stone counters.

Custom Colleyville Stone Countertops

CCT Natural Stone Designs custom creates each countertop we install, ensuring that the stone you choose perfectly fits its intended destination. We use the most modern fabrication machines available, so every detail of your countertop is assured of quality.

Once your countertop is ready, our team of professional installers will remove your old countertops, install your new stone, and make sure everything is perfect, all in the same visit. Even if your new countertops need last-minute alterations, our trained team can do them on-site, so you will always get your counters the same day they arrive.

Colleyville Stone Countertop Sealing, Polishing, and Repair

CCT Natural Stone Designs will help maintain your stone countertop with sealing, polishing, and repair, even if you did not purchase it from us. Etches and stains are no match for professional polishing, while repairs to chips and cracks using natural stone pieces keep your counters in peak condition.

Regular sealing of natural stone countertops keeps them protected from unwanted scratches and staining. It would be best if you seal your natural stone counters every six months. A quick water absorption test will let you know whether you need it sooner.

Top-quality countertops in Colleyville are what CCT Natural Stone Designs do best. If you are looking for a new stone countertop or service on an existing installation, give us a call for a professional quote.


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