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Different Countertop Options

Choosing a countertop for your kitchen can be daunting. That’s because there are many countertop options available in the market, which can be confusing.

Fortunately, at CCT Natural Stone Designs, we deliver the best kitchen countertops, ensuring that they meet the design aesthetics of your kitchen. Of course, we also work closely with you to ensure you get countertops that meet your budget without compromising durability.

If you’re thinking about replacing or installing a new countertop in your renovation projects, below are the countertop options available to you.

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Marble Countertops

Marble is one of the most commonly used natural stones for kitchen countertops. It’s undoubtedly the most beautiful of all-natural stones.

Most homeowners are drawn to marble countertops due to their uniqueness. No two sheets of marble resemble each other. The veining is different. Therefore, once you place an order, we deliver unique countertops you won’t find in other homes.

Marble countertops are waterproof and heatproof, so you don’t have to worry about water leaking through your countertop or damage from heat.

However, you must be careful not to scratch your marble countertop (it’s relatively soft) because it’s hard to repair. In addition, it’s advisable to seal your marble countertop because, just like any other natural stone, marble is porous and stains easily.

Quartz Countertops

If you cook frequently or have a large family, then quartz countertops are what you need. Quartz is the best option under such circumstances. Additionally, if you want to invest in all-around long-lasting countertops, look no further.

Remember, quartz is an engineered stone made from combining natural quartz with resin binders. The result is an incredibly hard, nonporous countertop. The countertops are available in various hues and are stain and scratch-resistant.

The good thing about quartz is that you don’t need to reseal it, making it easy to maintain. Quartz slabs have no imperfections, providing you with a uniform surface for your kitchen needs. 

The only downside of quartz countertops is that they’re heavy. But at CCT Natural Stone Designs, we’re equal to the task, completing the installation process with absolute professionalism and care.

Granite Countertops

Most homeowners’ choice for countertop is the granite countertop. This is due to the elegance this countertop brings to your kitchen. The beauty of our granite countertops makes even modest kitchens appear like luxury spaces.

Granite countertops are durable, strong, and almost heat resistant. They are easy to maintain, requiring you to use water and some soap only to clean them.

Amazingly, you can choose your favorite color from the over three thousand different colors available on our premises. Granite countertops are also heat resistant, and a hot pot will not affect them.

If you invite us to install granite countertops in your renovation project, we’ll not leave until the installation is complete to your satisfaction. We know how easily granite can crack if not well installed. Also, we advise you not to stress it much to avoid the same fate.

Since granite is porous, it’s recommendable to seal it to avoid staining. Avoid cutting on the granite surface directly, and instead use chopping boards. The stone is quite hard, such that it may end up dulling your knives. 

Quartzite Countertops

Most homeowners confuse quartzite countertops with quartz. But unlike quartz (which is an engineered stone), quartzite is a natural stone. Like marble, quartzite consists of blotches, natural markings, and veins. Therefore, you find that whichever quartzite countertop we install in your home will be unique.

The natural markings make quartzite countertops beautiful. And even if you scratch or crack your countertop a bit, they are very good at hiding them. In addition, quartzite is a heat-resistant material.

However, it’s more porous than quartz and can easily get stained if you’re not careful. Sealing it goes a long way in protecting your countertop, prolonging its service duration.

Get the Best Countertops

If you’re in the market for countertops, this is the right place. At CCT Natural Stone Designs, we have all the top countertops available in the market today. The good news is that for every type of countertop, we have a wide variety of colors to choose from. Once you contact us, we’ll work together to make your vision for a great kitchen or bathroom countertops a reality.

We are strict on details and won’t leave your home until you’re satisfied with our installation work. Whether it’s marble, quartz, granite, or quartzite countertops you’re looking for, CCT Natural Stone Designs has got you covered.

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