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Frequently Asked Questions at CCT Natural Stone

Why is custom fabricated stone better than pre-fabricated countertops?

Pre-fabricated countertops are cut to standard sizes and shipped for use in commercial or industrial applications. These counters typically have uneven edges and seams that do not fit correctly; they are also prone to chipping and cracking.

In contrast, custom fabricated stone counters are designed to fit your home. You get the choose the material, and we’ll make sure it’s cut into the perfect shape. Custom fabricated counters look amazing and last for decades, making them the perfect choice for home improvement.

Do you use automated fabrication machinery, or do you fabricate by hand?

At CCT Natural Stone Designs, we use professional fabrication machinery to ensure that your counters look perfect. You can expect straight lines, smooth edges, and polishes that last for years. Although hand fabrication is possible, it usually results in imperfect counters with bumps and jagged lines. Hand polished counters are also frequently finished with wax, creating a shine that fades dramatically within a few weeks.

How do I measure my counters?

We occasionally request that you measure your counters so we can provide your free estimate completely online. Draw the rough shape of your current countertop on a piece of paper; the lines do not need to be exact. Then, measure alone every edge of your counter, and mark the appropriate dimension on your drawing. You can also send photos to give us a visual idea of the space.

How do I select the stone for my counters?

CCT Natural Stone Designs uses stone slabs from local distributors. After we complete your estimate, we’ll help you get in contact with the distributor located closes to your home. Once you’ve selected the stone slabs to be used for your project, the distributor will put them and hold and get in touch with our fabrication facility. Your final bill for the materials and labor will come from CCT Natural Stone Designs.

Why are the different stone types listed in groups?

For the sake of convenience, all of our available stone materials are group by price and type. Group One counters are the most affordable, while Groups Two, Three, and Four are typically more expensive.

Stone slab prices are typically determined by the rarity of the color and the detail of the pattern. All of our material choices are of equal quality and durability; if we think the stone is damaged, we simply won’t use it for your finished counter. Ask one of our representatives to help you choose a stone slab that fits in your budget and works with your design.

How is 2CM granite difference from 3CM?

3CM granite has a thickness of 1.25 inches and is standard for kitchen applications. 2CM granite is only 0.75 inches thick; this thinner stone is typically used for bathrooms, vanities, and other decorative surfaces.

Can I provide my own stone slabs?

To ensure the quality of our finished products, we only fabricate stone slabs provided by one of our authorized distributors. You are encouraged to visit the distributor and personally select the stone materials that will be used for your design.

Do you install both counters and backsplashes?

Yes, we can install both counters and backsplashes in your kitchen or bathroom. Backsplashes are typically installed a few days after the counters so that the adhesive and sealant have time to dry. Backsplashes can be made of the same stone as your counters, or you can pick a different material to suit your personal style.

Will the counters have visible seams or joints?

Whether or not your counter needs a seam depends on how the stone is cut and installed. All seams are colored to match your chosen stone; when we’re done, you’ll barely be able to tell that it’s there.

How do you determine the project cost?

Cost is determined by the size of your counters, the stone you choose, and the services needed to complete your project. We will provide you with a free cost estimate before we begin work on your counters.

What happens on templating day?

Templating is the industry term for accurately measuring your counters and finding the correct shape for each piece of stone. One of our team members will need to spend 15-30 minutes in your kitchen or bathroom; expect them to bring a tape measure and a way to take notes. Your counters will be made to the exact specifications of the template, so make sure you have finalized any room adjustments before the templating visit.

What happens on installation day?

It only takes one day of work to install counters in your home. Our team will bring in each piece, make sure it fits, and seal the counters in place. We may also remove old counters, install a new sink, and make adjustments as needed. Leave us a clear walking area, and make sure your counters are free of items before work begins.

Why are your counters so high quality?

At CCT Stone Natural Designs, we custom fabricate every counter to fit the home it’s intended for. We use only the best stone slabs available, and we work to bring out the natural beauty of every piece we work with. When you work directly with the fabricator, you get better prices and a more personalized finished piece.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a 5-year warranty on our installations and a 15-year sealant warranty to protect your counters from damage. Ask our team members for specific warranty details related to your project.

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