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Countertop Stone - What You Need to Know

At CCT Natural Stone Designs, we know that few things elevate a kitchen space like carefully considered and well-chosen countertops. Stone is one of the highest quality and most attractive materials to use in a kitchen remodel or new build.

Here is everything you need to know about your options for stone countertops and some things to consider before making your choice.

Types of Stone

When it comes to stone for countertops, the sky’s the limit. Although the types might seem generally similar, they each offer a distinctive look and particular perks. Here’s what you need to know about our extensive stone offerings.

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  • Granite

    Granite is a showstopper and practical choice for kitchen counters. It comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns suitable for any taste. It’s also highly resistant to chips and stains. Its nonporous surface also makes it incredibly resistant to viruses and bacteria commonly found in kitchens.

    With granite, because it’s a natural stone, the patterns and colors available are subject to nature and not customizable, like other kinds of stone for countertops. The marriage of practicality and beauty found in granite make it a great choice that will complement your kitchen for years to come.


    Few materials can elevate the interior of a room like marble. Associated with luxury and wealth, marble is a great choice to make your kitchen feel elegant. This timeless stone is also heat resistant, making it well suited for kitchen activities.

    Unlike granite, marble is porous and a softer type of stone, so it requires some maintenance to keep it free of stains and scratches. Many types of marble can be truly affordable while still satisfying elevated tastes.


    If you’re looking for a balance between maintenance and style, then quartz is the obvious choice. It’s usually on the lower price end of all the types of stone for countertops and is durable and hardy. Since it’s made from a combination of quartz stone and resin, it’s very resistant to chips and staining, making quartz a great low-maintenance option.

    Don’t think quartz countertops can’t be as beautiful or unique as other types of stone. When created to the manufacturer’s specifications, flecks of glass and metal are often added to give the slab dimension and eye-catching quality. You’re sure to find a variety that will look beautiful in your kitchen.


    Despite its similarity in name to quartz, quartzite has its own unique appeal. Quartzite is a natural stone, starting as sandstone. Its strength and durability are forged under tremendous amounts of pressure, resulting in a beautiful stone with lots of visual variety and interest.

    Quartzite is also a good balance between low and high maintenance. It is extremely strong but should be sealed and given decent upkeep. However, quartzite is trending in the designer industry and is perfect for clean, minimalist, and neutral-toned kitchens.

    Onyx, Neolith, and Dekton

    While onyx is another naturally occurring stone, Neolith and Dekton are manufactured using recycled raw, natural materials and are extremely strong and durable, lightweight, and nonporous.

    Neolith and Dekton both offer a wide range of visual variety and are becoming widely popular choices of stone for countertops of all kinds. Both materials are made to be scratch, stain, and scorch resistant.

    Onyx, as a softer stone, has a similar performance as marble. However, as a translucent stone, it can be used with backlighting for a dramatic and elevated effect.

    Custom Installation

    It’s important to choose a countertop stone that suits not only your tastes but also your lifestyle. At CCT Natural Stone Designs, we offer custom installation and services to guide you through the process of choosing the best stone countertop material to suit your needs.

    Based in Arlington, Texas, and available for installation in the surrounding areas, we have years of experience to help your remodeling, new build, or countertop-specific project go smoothly and result in a finished product that you’re proud of for years to come.

    Stone is a wonderful choice for countertops as it brings the beauty and durability of nature inside your home to use and appreciate every day. Contact one of our specialists to learn more about our stone for countertops and which one would be the perfect fit for your project.

    Final Thoughts

    Stone is a beautiful and long-lasting solution for kitchen countertops. With all the varieties of stone available, you can easily pick one to fit your needs and match your sense of style.

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