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All About Solid Surface Countertops

When it comes to choices, you’ve got tons of kitchen countertop choices. But one of our favorites at CCT Natural Stone Design happens is solid surface.

Solid surface material isn’t something you hear about often. For many, natural stone is all the rage, and believe us, we understand why! But that doesn’t mean solid surface is any less great. Actually, after quartz, it’s one of the most coveted kitchen countertop materials there is!

People love solid surface for its, design, appeal, durability, and low maintenance. There are plenty of reasons to love it, but before you finally decide, let us familiarize you with it a bit more.

The Material Itself

The name “solid surface” doesn’t tell you much about what these countertops are made of, but their ingredients aren’t too complicated. You can expect to find acrylic, resins, and pigments mixed with mineral dust. When heated, this mixture melts, and from there it’s put into a mold that creates its shape.

Adding different amounts of minerals and pigments can change the look of solid surface countertops entirely, which is why they’re available in so many aesthetics.

all white solid surface kitchen countertop
Solid Surface Kitchen Counters
durable solid surface countertop in dallas


There are tons of uses for solid surface countertops in both residential and commercial spaces. You’ll often find them in the kitchen or bathroom, but in many cases you’ll also see them acting as desks, workspaces, tables, or bars.

Solid surface is the perfect choice for people who want their space to look nice even when they’re working on a budget.


Solid surface countertops are inherently nonporous, which means they never need to be sealed. This aspect is what makes taking care of them so straightforward and simple. It also adds to their hygiene factor.

For an everyday clean, just wipe down your solid surface with a soft cloth, dish soap, and warm water. Just make sure to stay away from abrasive cleaners, harsh chemicals, drain cleaners, paint removers, and bleach.


These types of countertops are known for their durability, meaning they’re a great choice for families that don’t have time to worry about the state of their countertops! But while these countertops are durable, they are not indestructible—which is why you should always use a cutting board when dicing food. Cutting directly on your solid surface countertop could lead to scratches, chips, or cracks in the long run.

It’s important to note that solid surface countertops, while heat resistant, are not heat proof. Always use a hot pad or trivet in the kitchen to stay on the safe side.

Choosing Solid Surface

As with any other material, there are solid surface countertops pros and cons—but we happen to believe that the good outweighs the bad in this situation. To learn more about this man-made material, get in touch with CCT Natural Stone Designs today.

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