Why Quartzite Makes a Great Kitchen Countertop

Homeowners desire a kitchen countertop that will withstand heat, stay resistant to scratching and etching, and be easy to sanitize and keep clean. You also want a counter that will maintain its appearance and appeal for decades.

You are lucky to have a vast array of kitchen countertop materials available to you in the Dallas, TX, area—more than any previous generation could have imagined!

One option that stands out above the rest is quartzite. Choosing a quartzite kitchen countertop allows you to achieve the perfect balance of functionality and elegance. In this post, the kitchen remodeling team from CCT Natural Stone Designs will examine why quartzite makes an outstanding kitchen countertop.

What Is Quartzite?

Quartzite is a natural stone, not synthetic like many other stone-like countertops on today’s market. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock formed when sandstone, which has a high quartz content, becomes exposed to extreme heat and pressure deep in the earth. While natural quartzite usually comes in varying gray and white shades, you can find other color variations, depending on the differences in mineral content.

Installing a quartzite kitchen countertop offers several benefits—reasons why more and more homeowners are utilizing quartzite for their kitchen countertops.

  • Quartzite is heat- and moisture-resistant

While you should never leave liquid spills unattended, a well-sealed quartzite kitchen countertop will not absorb the liquid into its pores if such spills do occur. A quartzite kitchen countertop can also withstand intense heat, making it possible to place hot materials on it without fear of permanently scarring the surface.

  • Quartzite has high durability

Quartzite’s high durability separates it from other countertop options. It doesn’t break easily and handles the wear-and-tear of kitchen use much better than other alternatives. If you maintain it appropriately, a quartzite kitchen countertop can last a very long time without damage.

  • Quartzite is easy to clean and maintain

Cleaning your quartzite kitchen countertop only takes soap and warm water. Also, because of its high durability, quartzite countertops are easy to maintain. However, you will need to reseal your countertops every few months to ensure that they keep their longevity. Fortunately, the process is easy and quick.

  • Quartzite is UV-resistant

When exposed to plenty of sunlight, most materials experience damages, such as the fading of colors. Because quartzite is resistant to UV rays, you don’t need to worry about the sun’s damage. This UV-resistance makes quartzite kitchen countertops a perfect choice if you desire plenty of natural light in your kitchen or you’re looking to build an outdoor kitchen.

  • Quartzite has a beautiful appearance

Quartzite provides your countertops with the same stunning beauty and elegance you get from marble, but with improved durability and functionality. Furthermore, since quartzite occurs naturally, each countertop is unique.

Though quartzite is white in its purest form, the impurities found in some quartzite enables it to attain varying patterns and shades. These shades usually range from black to white but could also include shades of blue, brown, green, and yellow.

Custom Kitchen Countertops Installation        

With more than 200 patterns in our inventory, CCT Natural Stone Designs provides high-quality quartzite countertop installations for your kitchen or bathroom project. Our team of specialists will ensure that you meet all your goals.

Our services are sure to leave you with countertops that offer beauty, elegance, and functionality, all while complementing your space.

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