Why Buy Man-Made Quartz Stone?

When shopping around for countertop materials, you will come across a wide range of options. Many of the stone surfaces that look like slabs of natural stone are actually engineered—synthesized composites using ground natural stone mixed with binding agents to add strength. 

One such option is man-made quartz. This synthetic stone countertop material has become one of homeowners’ preferred choices, and you’ve most likely come across many countertops made from it.

The popularity of quartz countertops results from the numerous benefits this material offers. Below, our team at CCT Natural Stone Designs takes a closer look at this countertop material, sharing with you a few reasons why you should buy man-made quartz for your next remodel.

What Is Man-Made Quartz?

Man-made quartz is a material made up of about 90-97% natural quartz crystals mixed with resins, polymers, and pigments, which manufacturers compact through vacuum vibrocompression to obtain a material with an appearance similar to natural stone, but with more advantages. Here are some of the reasons why we recommend man-made quartz.

Attractive Finishing

Depending on the resin a manufacturer uses, man-made quartz can achieve different finishes to satisfy any preference you might have.

For instance, the resin binders mixed with chips leave the individual stones visible, achieving a speckled appearance. On the other hand, those mixed with quartz dust will have a more uniform look. The quartz chips your countertop contains can be as diverse or as uniform as you desire.

Composite quartz also comes in an almost limitless range of colors because manufacturers can tint the resin to any hue.

Low Cost

If you desire durable and stylish countertops but feel limited by your budget, then composite quartz is the option for you. Though the ultimate price varies depending on the finish you choose and your installation’s difficulty, man-made quartz will provide you with cost-efficiency and great value.

Stress-Free Maintenance

Man-made quartz is nonporous—it does not absorb liquid into its pores or allow bacterial or viral growth. Because of this, quartz countertops need little maintenance. Their nonporous quality also makes cleaning easier and more effective. Water and soap are the only things you’ll need to get the job done.


Quartz countertops are exceptionally hard and durable—resistant to cracking, scratches, chipping, and etching. This robustness makes them excellent material to use for your bathroom and kitchen counters.

Also, while natural elements would stain after coming across an acidic substance, man-made quartz will not. With proper care and maintenance, your countertops could easily last a lifetime, maintaining their appearance and toughness.

Choose Man-Made Quartz for Your Next Custom Installation

Are you looking to breathe new life into your home’s surfaces? Take advantage of these and many more benefits that composite quartz countertops offer. With the wide range of available options, you are sure to find one that matches your palette.

At CCT Natural Stone Designs, we use our decades of experience and expertise to provide homeowners with custom installation services that will satisfy all their needs. Please get in touch with one of our specialists for more information on how we can help your remodeling project to achieve the results you desire.

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