Where Is the Best Granite Made?

Many people tend to look for granite countertops for their kitchens due to their easy maintenance, thickness, color variety, and resistance to heat, scratching, and harsh chemicals. While you can find granite in many parts of the world, some may have better quality than others. If you want to pick the best granite for your kitchen, consider its production origins.

Here are some of the top places that produce the best granite for countertops. By comparing each country’s granite quality, you should be able to decide which one will suit you best in the long run.


Brazil has several granite quarries to accommodate the production and export of granite for most of the world. Granite’s appearance depends on how much feldspar, mica, quartz, and other minerals it contains, which results in numerous colors and patterns.

Brazil incorporated granite into its economy during the 18th century to counteract economic hardships. Eventually, they upgraded their technology to match the capabilities of their granite producing practices.

Some of Brazil’s most prominent color variants for granite include shades of blue, green, red, and yellow. Their best granite falls under the middle- and high-grade categories; they typically have excellent hardness and durability and are sold as thicker slabs. Due to these qualities, they tend to be more expensive than local producers.


India is another contender for producing the best granite on the market. Several granite quarries exist throughout northern and southern India. India’s granite tends to have excellent polish and hardness compared to others. Many revere Indian granite for its wide variety of color options.

Some qualities associated with India’s granite include weather, acid, and erosion resistance, excellent hardness and durability, and decorative design quality. However, it also has low-fire resistance due to its crystalline transition properties.

Some prominent colors and shades are exclusive to India, such as Imperial Gold, New Kashmir White, and Absolute Black. India also categorizes their granite by location or region, such as Rajasthan, Bangalore, and Chenna. Like with other countries’ granite, its colors and patterns are determined by its mineral compositions.


Spain is another one of the countries known for producing the best granite for several years. One of the most notable quarries in Spain’s granite industry is Azul Aran. Their granite has superb resistance to abrasions and compression. As with other granite producers, Spain’s granite comes in several colors, including silver and blue.

Levantina is another company in Spain that embraces the hues and patterns of their granite. Levantina also offers several surface finishes for their granite, such as polished, honed, shot-blasted, aged, satin-finished, and flamed. If you want a more diverse look for your countertop, this might be something you can consider.


Although Italy is known for its marble production, it’s no stranger to being one of the top locations for making the best granite. Most Italian granite tends to have high toughness and thickness. Using this kind of granite for your home might be best suited for people who prefer granite that won’t break easily.

Most masters of this craft balance these properties to give consumers durable granite for any environment. By doing this, you’re left with granite that’s bound to last.

Italian granite has many ornate designs and color variations to match your needs. These colors include gold, brown, white, and black. Most of these fit into the middle- and high-grade categories, quality-wise. You may want to see which options are available for you to give your home the ideal look you want.


The best granite from across the globe isn’t made in the same way. Due to each quarry’s conditions and environments, some granite may have different sturdiness, hardness, and color properties. China may manufacture granite at a high rate, but it may not be the best option if you’re looking for granite that’s radiation-free, durable, and thick.

The top granite-making countries follow guidelines to ensure that buyers get granite with enhanced durability, hardness, and damage resistance. If you want the best granite that reflects your home, inspect it as much as possible to see if it’s the right one for you.

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