Where Does High-End Granite Come From?

When you walk into a stone supplier’s showroom, you might be overwhelmed by the variety of slabs available. Most granite slabs are sorted by grade, letting you choose based on both quality and rarity. But where do these high-grade slabs come from, and how different are they from the rest of the distributor’s stock?

Where Granite Comes From
Granite is a naturally occurring stone material that appears in deposits across the world. The colors and patterns found within granite are determined by the region where the stone is sourced from. Brazillian granite has rich and exotic colors, while North American granite comes in beautiful shades of gray.

Most granite is sourced from Brazil, India, Italy, and China. Location is often related to the quality and rarity of granite; in most cases, you can expect to pay slightly more for a slab from Italy or Brazil. However, these price differences are often negated by the cost of shipping the slab from the place of origin to the manufacturer and then from the manufacturer to the distributor.

How Granite Is Graded
There isn’t an industry standard for granite grading, but most manufacturers have an internal system that helps them differentiate between the quality of their slabs. If you learn to recognize the traits that are used for this grading process, you can make better purchasing decisions for your own kitchen design.

In general, high-grade granite meets the following qualifications:

The colors are rich.

The pattern is bold.

The slab is a full 1.25 inches thick.

The surface is perfectly smooth and free of scratches.

Lower grades of granite may have slightly duller or more common patterns. In some cases, you can also receive a discount by working with a slab that has a minor dent or scratch. But if you want flawless and breathtaking stone for your countertops, high-grade granite is definitely the way to go.

Choosing High-End Granite for Your Kitchen
When you’re selecting a granite countertops for your kitchen, your first concern should be whether the pattern and color works for your interior design. Remember, kitchen walls and cabinets can be repainted, but the granite you choose is permanent. Make sure to pick something that you’ll be happy to look at for decades. If you take care of them, your counters might even be enjoyed by future generations of your family.

Next, think about the manufacturer and the grade they’ve applied to the slab. If you see that a slab is listed as medium-grade but has several defects, you might want to buy a high-grade slab from a different manufacturer. This is all a matter of opinion, and your stone distributor will help make sure that you don’t walk home with a faulty or dented slab.

Remember, every stone slab is unique, and most countertop sets are made from a single piece of stone. Once you pick a slab, the distributor will set it aside until a member of the fabrication team can pick it up for processing. The slab you choose is the same slab you’ll get; there’s nothing wrong with looking for one that’s absolutely perfect.

High-end granite slabs are sourced from all over the world. Whether you want exotic colors from Brazil or stately hues from Italy, there are plenty of slabs to fit every unique kitchen design.

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