What Are the Most Popular Kinds of Quartz Countertops?

One of the reasons that homeowners love engineered quartz is how many different varieties this man-made stone comes in. Whether you want a realistic marbled pattern or a more modern and uniform shade, there’s sure to be a quartz slab for you.

All types of engineered quartz countertops are made with roughly 93% stone and 7% resin. This ratio might change slightly based on the manufacturer, but the result is the same: a durable, heat-resistant countertop that mimics the look and effect of real natural stone.

Because most types of engineered quartz are functionally the same, you have your freedom of choice as a designer. Pick whichever slab will look the best in your kitchen, and enjoy having a beautiful and affordable countertop that lasts.

There’s a reason Caesarstone is one of the most popular brands of engineered quartz. This company has been around since 1987 and claims the title of being the original quartz manufacturer. With a wide range of colors and a presence in stores nationwide, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find a Caesarstone slab to suit your kitchen design.

Caesarstone is known for producing realistic, gem-like patterns in a variety of styles. From the traditional Montblanc to the daring Nebbia, the engineers at Caesarstone have explored almost every imaginable combination of quartz fragments and colored resin.

When you want a counter with the durability of quartz and a distinctly modern vibe, Silestone is definitely the way to go. This Spain-based quartz manufacturer is known for producing deeply saturated, solid-color slabs. Silestone also offers a wide range of natural and semi-natural patterns to help you craft the perfect kitchen aesthetic.

If you’re looking for solid colors, try the rich Rougui or the warm Tigris Sand. Silestone also offers the relaxing Pacifica, the daring Pulsar, and the incredibly bold Et Marquina.

Cambria is known for having a wide range of luxury countertop colors and patterns. This high-end brand isn’t available at every distributor, but most customers agree that it’s well worth hunting down. Cambria Quartz is often thought to be more realistic than its competitors, although in this case, it really is in the eye of the beholder.

Cambria selections vary greatly from store to store. The delicate Dovedale and the calming Swanbridge show off the brand’s subtlety while the Brittanica and Summerhill patterns display just how realistic Cambria Quartz can get.

HanStone is a North American quartz manufacturing company. HanStone is known for being particularly durable and coming in a range of designs that fit well into a traditional, modern, or upscale aesthetic.

Some of the best HanStone designs include the Soho, the Chantilly, and the Monterey. For something more exciting, try the Italian Waves or the warm Serenity.

There are many different manufacturers of engineered quartz on the market, and they all make uniquely high-quality products. When you’re shopping, consider both the brand and the way the pattern will look in your kitchen. We work with only the highest quality suppliers to ensure that you can choose freely from a wide range of beautiful quartz designs.

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