You’re So Vein: Understanding Veining in Granite

The array of colors and patterns that granite comes in can seem endless, and no two pieces are the same. You can choose from pieces that are relatively consistent and provide a solid look or eye-catching, contrasting patterns that immediately become the focal point of your kitchen.

What is Veining?

Granite is molten rock that has cooled over thousands of years. Within this rock are loads of minerals; this is what forms the contrasting color you see in granite countertops. Sometimes they appear as specks, and sometimes as long veins that wind through the whole length.

The way veins look in a piece of granite is due to the way its cut. A vein-cut stone has been cut against the grain, and the veins will present as long lines running from one side to the other. In cross-cut granite, the cut has followed the grain, and the veins will swirl and loop all over the surface as if caught in movement.

What Are the Different Styles and Types of Veining?

Some of the most commonly used types of granite show color or contrast in speckles or flecks. However, there is also an array of granite that boasts long, graceful veins of color.

Subtle Veins

If you are looking for veining in the granite that is more subtle, then River White granite is an excellent option. An almost entirely white stone, River White has faint, thin veins of gray gliding through and small flecks of deep red. At a distance, this will look like a muted white.

Similarly, Absolute Black on the other end of the spectrum will also provide you with a consistent color. Because the color is so dark, the veins and flecks are hard to see, giving it a much more uniform look.

Thick Veins

Juparana Exotica granite is another step up in the eye-catching department. Though hard to decipher at first, the background color is beige with thick veins of white, black, and gold veins running closely together all over it.

If you want to spend hours just staring at your counter, go for Van Gogh granite. The background of this stone is a vivid blue with thick veins of white and red dancing through.

Sienna Beige is white rock, but with so many veins of light and dark brown heaving through it, it actually comes off more as beige.

Contracting Veins

These options are for those looking for a statement countertop, a surface so eye-catching that the rest of the kitchen is just background noise.

Copacabana granite is the granite version of a zebra. The stone itself is black, and it has thick white veins pushing through.

Altair granite has a black base color with veins of luminous gold, orange, and white swirling around.

Green wave granite truly looks like a wave in motion. It has a green base color with thick veins of gray and white.

Why It Matters

Consider how the rest of your kitchen looks. If you have cabinets in bold colors or with a lot of design, choose a more muted granite option. If you want the counter to draw attention, try a stone with a strong vein.

Finally, think about your lighting and how you will highlight the flecks and veins to truly appreciate the artwork created in this stone.

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