Three Unexpected Marble Countertop Looks

Most people think of a pure white look when marble counters come to mind. In reality, there are several other options of marble out there. White decor and countertops are not appealing to everyone, especially those who are messy, have a large family, or are a growing family with small children.

Natural Stone Designs carries a variety of marble that are not just completely white and have different colors on the backdrop and a distinct variation in the design of the veining and color. Reach out to pick the marble countertop of your dreams and discover three unexpected marble countertop looks to complete your kitchen remodel.


One of the most appealing marble countertop looks is with the color gray. This countertop option is excellent for those who have a large family and cook at their kitchen on an everyday basis. The muted gray color is gorgeous while being easy to clean and stays looking new when compared to white.

Gray is a neutral color, which means that it can go with almost any decor style, furniture, and fixture within your kitchen. It can still give you a clean look that white provides without any added work to keep it in pristine condition. We have varying hues of gray available to meet your needs better.

Light Brown

As stated before, many people love the modern and clean look of white marble countertops, but that is not the only option. A light brown marble counter is an excellent option for those who desire a clean and classic counter look that’s simple, yet unique. If you like a rustic and comfy look to your home, light brown will complement that decor very well.

A white countertop can often make a house feel sterile and too modern. Light brown makes your house feel more like home. It provides an added effect that white just cannot make. We carry several different shades of brown as well, from golden beiges to soft, milky browns.

If light brown still seems too bold of a choice for you, then we have blends of white and muted grays to make it more appealing to the eye. The combination between the two makes the brown not stand out as much. This design can provide another unique spin to your marble countertops without looking garish.


Black countertops are not just for the bold and brash. Our black marble countertops have subtle yet beautiful white veining against a solid black surface, giving you the same classic and elegant look with a simple twist. So if you are looking for something out of the box and still appealing, then give black a try.

The black backdrop also makes messes less noticeable than if they were on white marble countertops. This factor makes them ideal for everyone. It means that you spend more time in your kitchen enjoying your cooking versus meticulously cleaning a light surface where you can see every crumb.

Find the Perfect Marble Countertop for You

If you cannot find a selection that you like on the website, please give us a call. Our suppliers have a choice of over 200 marble countertop looks. We have several countertop looks that go outside of the traditional white that we see.

White marble countertops are not ideal for everybody. If you have a large family or your household is just prone to messes, it is not the best choice when selecting marble countertops. If you want more of a rustic and homey charm to your kitchen, white countertops may not match that vision and may look too harsh and modern for your taste. That is why we offer three unexpected marble countertop looks: gray, light brown, and black.

If you want something even more unique and stylish, then check out some of our tri-color countertop’s looks as well. The veining within the marble is cohesive and eccentric in comparison to the other choices.

Although this style is different from most since all the colors are neutral, it has a versatile quality. Black, white, and light brown go with almost every decor, color, and design plan you have for your kitchen.

Contact us with your selected choice for your marble countertop. No matter what your taste is or how big or small your family is, we have something for everybody. 

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