The CCT Natural Stone Designs Process

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The Process

Getting a new counter installation is simpler than you might think. Our team will work closely with you to create the perfect counters for your home.

  1. 1) Discussing Your Vision
  2. Every great project starts with a conversation. Get in touch with us, and we’ll schedule a free in-home estimate right away. One of our team members will arrive with samples, edging options, and expert design advice for your kitchen or bathroom space. Then, we’ll give you a realistic cost and timeframe for project completion.
  4. 2) Templating Your Space
  5. No two kitchens or bathrooms are alike. To make sure your counters fit, we need exact measurements of the space they’ll be going into. The templating process only takes half an hour and is based on your existing counters. If you’re in the middle of renovations, we ask that you finish making any layout changes before we create a template; if you change the shape of your counter or sink area, your newly fabricated counters may not fit.
  7. 3) Selecting Your Slabs
  8. We want your kitchen to be exactly as you imagined it, so we let you have a hands-on role in the material selection process. You can pick out your dream counters from one of our local stone suppliers, and they’ll put the slabs on hold until we’re ready to fabricate them. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask us; we want to make this process as easy as possible.
  10. 4) Creating Your Counters
  11. Once you’ve picked out your stone slabs, the distributor will send your choice to our shop for fabrication. We measure, cut, shape, and polish all of our counters by hand. We also make sure to highlight the most gorgeous veining and marbling patterns so that your finished counters have a dramatic visual effect.
  13. 5) Completing the Installation
  14. The last step in our process is to install the finished counters in our home. Our team will remove your existing counters and check to make sure the new countertops have been cut into the right shape. After making any necessary adjustments, we’ll affix the counters and seal the granite to keep it safe from scratches and spills.
  16. Our team handles everything, but you can help us get the job done. Take the following steps to be prepared for your installation:

– Clear all items off your existing countertops. You may also want to remove items from your lower cabinets.
– Leave a clear walking path between the door and the work area. Stone counters are heavy!
– Be ready at the scheduled time. Our team will work quickly; your counters will be installed in less than a day.

We encourage you to ask questions and stay involved in every step of our process. Contact us today to schedule an estimate and get started.

white granite stone countertop with sink
white kitchen countertop with appliances
white granite countertop island with decor in the middle

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