Using Stone for Countertops, Your Green Choice

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Using Stone for Countertops, Your Green Choice

There are plenty of benefits to choosing natural stone for your countertop remodel. Not only are they gorgeous and timeless, but they’re also eco-friendly and go easy on the earth. In 2022, so many people are making our planet a priority—as they should—and natural stone countertops can only aid that mission.

Because natural stone comes from the earth, there’s no wonder it goes easy on the environment. It doesn’t involve any sort of metals or plastics, which is preferable for a lot of people that make natural stone their choice.

If you’re looking for ways to be more eco-friendly in your everyday life, there are plenty of things that you can do—simple things, at that. You can make sure to recycle, bike to work (or even take the bus) a few days a week, or carry around a reusable straw. Even though it might feel like doing your part isn’t enough to save the planet, every bit of effort helps.

Choosing natural stone countertops helps the earth more than just a little bit. In this article, we’ve included some of the reasons why people love stone countertops and some explanations surrounding their sustainability and eco-friendliness.

To learn more about stone countertops and all they have to offer, keep reading.

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granite stone countertop

Stone is a Natural Material

We’ve already gone over the fact that stone is a natural material that comes straight from the earth. Along with wood and clay, stone was one of the very first building blocks that humankind ever used. It’s there in exactly the right form, meaning that no other resources must be used in order to create it, and there’s plenty of it to go around—in quarries all over the world.

In these quarries, you can find all sorts of natural stones with thousands of different looks—there are various colors, styles, patterns, and veinings—all of these stones are unique. The one-of-a-kind nature of natural stone allows it to be used for many different types of things—from walls to flooring and everything in between.

Natural stone doesn’t contain any chemicals or toxins that are harmful to the earth or to people. And it’s even better if you choose to shop local, meaning that your stone comes from a quarry that doesn’t involve extensive transportation. The less distance your stone has to travel to get to you, the less greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere.

Stone Is a Durable Material

Your stone countertops are sure to stand the test of time because of how durable they are. This aspect of them automatically increases the resale value of your home and decreases the need to replace the countertops. You might not need to replace your stone countertops for decades—if you ever need to at all. And natural stone only gets more visually pleasing with time, meaning that it will age gracefully and continue to add beauty to whatever room it’s installed in.

Natural stone is a top choice for countertops because it can last in the rooms with even the highest activity. As long as you maintain its care and upkeep, it will last in your family for generations.

Stone Is Low Maintenance

You already know that natural stone will last for years as long as it’s properly maintained. There are plenty of fabrication options that you can choose for your stone countertops in order to get the longest life out of them as possible—finishes that will increase the stone’s durability and resistance to everyday wear, chemicals, and slippage. Natural stone is also very easy to clean, and no harmful chemicals are needed for it to be sanitary and safe. Soap and water will do just fine.

Stone Is Recyclable

Stone has many purposes, and over the course of its extensive lifespan, it has the potential to fill many different roles. If you’re looking to go all-in with sustainable stone, you have the option of salvaging recycled slabs and reusing what has been discarded. There’s nothing wrong with these materials—they’re simply what other people don’t have use for anymore, and you can give them a second chance in your home. By using recycled slabs, you’re cutting down on the energy, water, and other resources that it would take to make a new product from completely raw materials.

Stone Is Quarried and Manufactured Sustainably

Over time, methods for quarrying, extracting, and fabricating stone have significantly improved as technology continues to advance. Because of these improved methods, many stone slabs have seen a decrease in price as well.

Since stone is easier to come by now than ever, more people are drawn to it. And because more people are drawn to it, there will be more people participating in an eco-friendly trend that benefits the planet that we live on.

Your Stone Countertops

There are plenty of reasons to go with stone for your countertop choice, and here at CCT Natural Stone Designs we’re happy to share that information with you. If you have further questions or would like to schedule a consultation, contact us today!

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