Seven Surprising Quartz Countertop Facts

Quartz is a heavyweight in the countertop manufacturing industry. It’s one of the top choices for homeowners since it accommodates most modern aesthetics. Quartz is popular due to its style options and durability and adds flair to any kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor space.

If you are thinking of changing your existing countertops, quartz makes a great statement and works well with nearly every room and concept.

  • Not a Natural Stone

Most people mistakenly assume that quartz countertops are pure mineral or natural stone. While they may look like granite or marble, quartz countertops are synthetic and combine different materials, binders, and resins. Quartz manufacturing is a human-made process, which is why more color and style options are available.

  • An Italian Job

The first company to make engineered stone is the Breton company in Italy, and it is still in operation today. Only a select few companies have the licensing requirements to distribute quartz. Some of the most famous include Cambria and Silestone.  

  • Common in Flooring

Since it’s a rigid material and has a beautiful glossy finish, many large-scale organizations use quartz for flooring. Many shopping centers, airports, and bathrooms have quartz flooring because of its convenience and durability. When it rains, quartz floors are safe because they limit friction and aren’t slippery.

  • Limitless Design Potential

One of the main benefits of quartz is that it comes in limitless colors and patterns. Unlike other materials like granite and marble, you’ll always find a scheme that integrates with your home. With both modern and ultra-modern options, your quartz countertop surfaces impress without being too loud or intrusive.

  • Affected by Sun and Heat

One drawback to quartz is that is doesn’t handle sunlight well. Over time, direct exposure to sunlight dulls the patterns on the surface. In terms of heat, quartz may sustain damage if you place an exceedingly hot object on it, so caution is necessary.

  • Discourages Bacteria Buildup

One less-known reason why quartz is superior to other types of surfaces is that it discourages bacteria buildup. Since it is non-porous, you won’t have to worry about cleaning your quartz countertops every day. Even stains are a thing of the past when you opt for quartz, and you don’t need a sealant to keep it stain-free. 

  • Positive Environmental Impact

Sustainability is key to saving the planet, and when you opt for quartz, you’re decreasing your carbon footprint. Unlike granite, a natural stone that comes from the earth, quartz is the byproduct of manufacturing materials.

The debris and materials from other jobs go through a recycling process to convert it to a countertop. Re-using these materials helps decrease waste and turns them into a beautiful product.

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