Your Marble Maintenance Tool Kit: Five Essentials to Buy Today

Almost every homeowner’s dream is to have a large marble countertop slab sitting in the middle of their kitchen space. However, a lot of people tend to be reluctant because they associate marble countertops with high maintenance.

Despite it being a luxurious material, marble is not as demanding in its maintenance as you may think. As long as you know the dos and don’ts of marble maintenance and have the essentials to help clean and maintain it, caring for marble is a breeze. 

Below are five essentials for marble maintenance you need to buy.

Soft Cloths

A soft cloth is all you need to clean your marble countertop. If yours is honed marble, look for a microfiber cloth to help remove burns or stains. For polished marble, a soft cloth effectively helps repolish your countertop. Of course, you have to use cleaning agents for the best results.

Immediately after you spill something on marble, use this soft cloth to wipe it up, especially if the substance is likely to stain. It’s worth mentioning that you should never use a rough or abrasive material on marble because it may scratch your countertop, and repair is not easy.

Cleaning Detergent/Soap

Cleaning marble countertops with soap helps to maintain your countertop. However, not every soap goes well with marble. Acidic cleaners, for example, cause etching. Also, don’t apply anything containing lemon or vinegar. Etching leaves undesirable white marks on marble, which look like water stains.

A mild detergent with a neutral pH is what you need for marble. When cleaning, you only need to add a few drops of your soap to water and, using the soft cloth, wet-mop your marble countertop.

In addition, don’t soak marble in soapy water for long because if water stands on your countertop for long, it may leave stains. Wipe your countertop dry immediately after cleaning to avoid such unnecessary problems. Soap ensures that stains come out and makes your countertops smell fresh.

Cutting Boards / Protective Plastic Sheets

Marble is a soft material that is easy to scratch. That’s why you should never cut anything directly on your marble countertop. In fact, a primary maintenance practice is to use cutting boards or protective plastic sheets anytime you want to chop your beef or cut your tomatoes or other foods.

Other maintenance tools you need to invest in include the following:

– Coasters—for placing glasses, especially those filled with acidic drinks.

– Trivets or heat-absorbent pads—for placing hot dishes or items to avoid damaging marble with heat.

– Placemats—for placing silverware, plates, and other kitchen items that may scratch your marble countertop.

Stain and Etch Mark Removers

Like any other porous countertop material, marble is susceptible to staining. When you spill some substance on it by mistake, it’s advisable to wipe it up instantly. Unfortunately, you may miss on some stains, only for them to set in. The good news is that you can do something about it.

You can clean the stained area with a soft cloth wet with hydrogen peroxide solution (12 percent) and a few drops of ammonia. This cleaning will leave your marble surface spotlessly clean. Ensure that you purchase these products for such situations.

Similarly, you may spill some acidic substances on marble, which results in etching. To repair these dull spots (etch marks), wet the countertop with water and sprinkle some marble polishing powder. Then, use a wet, soft cloth to rub the powder on the marble in a circular motion. Do this until the mark disappears. Remember, of course, to be careful next time.

Marble Sealant

Before anything else, you need to purchase a high-grade sealant to protect your marble countertop and extend its lifespan. The best sealant penetrates marble, sitting just underneath the surface.

Sealing prevents the porous marble from absorbing any substance you might spill on the surface. Check to ensure the sealant you buy doesn’t change the appearance of your marble countertop. Resealing will depend on the instructions given by the manufacturer and your countertop or sealing specialist.

Marble Maintenance Is Easy

Immediately after you install your marble countertops, don’t hesitate to get a marble maintenance tool kit with the maintenance essentials mentioned above. Of course, sealing comes first, and what’s left is the daily or regular cleaning and simple care and maintenance practices. That’s all that’s required with marble maintenance.

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