Five Tips to Pick the Right Marble for Your Countertop

Installing marble countertops is one of the best ways that you can elevate the sophistication of your home. Marble is both functional and beautiful, and there are endless options to choose from that suit every budget and style. We’re a family-owned and operated business that can help you with picking marble countertops.

Keep these helpful tips in mind to select the best marble for your budget, lifestyle, and taste.

Choose A Marble Type That Suits Your Style

First, consider what your style looks like. These days, you can get marble in a variety of different patterns and style options. You can even choose what kind of veining looks best and whether you want a warmer marble, like a Breccia, or a more traditional marble, like a Carrara.

Some people prefer to look at their marble countertops as accent pieces that reflect the colors in the rest of their home. If you’re installing a marble sink in your nautically-themed bathroom, a deep green or blue might be appropriate. On the other hand, if your aesthetic tends to be more minimalistic or classic, you should stick to more tried-and-true pieces.

Flecked marble is another option that allows you to add a touch of pizazz to your bathroom or kitchen. You can get flecked accents in almost any hue, and it can be a fun way to play with color without actually committing to a deeply hued marble piece.

Consider What You’re Using Your Countertop For

Will your countertop be more decorative, or will it be functional? You certainly want to ask yourself this question when selecting the correct type of marble for your home. Although marble is undoubtedly sturdier than other materials, and it has fantastic heat-resistant qualities, it can also discolor easily or chip if you’re cutting things on it.

Some marble colors, and varieties, are more resilient than others, so make sure that you let our team know what you’re using the marble countertop for, and we can advise you on what variety would be best.

Appearance and Customization

When it comes to customizing your countertop, quartz has the advantage. While it has the natural look of stone, there are quite a few more customization options. There is some variation with granite, but most homeowners still need to find a slab that matches the overall color scheme of their kitchen. Quartz, however, can be designed to meet your kitchen’s theme.

Think About How Much Time You’re Willing To Spend on Upkeep

Properly caring for your marble will ensure that it keeps its quality and look for years to come, but some varieties of marble need more attention than others. It’s essential to really consider how much time you can spend on taking care of your marble countertops before making any kind of decision.

If you’re installing countertops in your kitchen, you might want to consider going with a standard white countertop because they are a lot more resistant to acid etching. Dark marble needs a lot of time and care and can truly show their age if you forget to wipe them down regularly.

Primary marble care comes down to using coasters with your glasses, potholders under hot pans, and cutting boards in the kitchen. Additionally, you should remember to clean spills up right away as they might stain. A gentle mixture of vinegar and water works wonders.

Consider The Shape of Your Marble Sides

When most people think about marble countertops, they think about the top of the marble itself, but the sides are just as important. Marble is both sharp and brittle, and pointy sides can be problematic in a busy home. Marble sides can hurt if you run into them, but they can also crumble, so it’s better to consider beveled sides if you’re installing the marble countertops in a busy area or if you have young kids.

Beveled sides look just as handsome and will give you the peace of mind of knowing that both your countertops and the people in your home are safe.

Be Honest About Your Budget

Honestly, assessing your budget will allow you to save time and effort when selecting the right marble countertops for you. Although marble is traditionally thought of as a more expensive material, there are budget-friendly versions available as well. Carrara marble is a popular option that tends to be less costly and still just as beautiful. Naturally, it’s got a handsome greyish tinge and is beautifully veined, a great companion to any part of your home.

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