Three Kitchen Countertop Trends that Are Over (And Three that Are Just Taking Off)

There’s nothing quite like entertaining at home, surrounded by your dearest friends and family. Inevitably, people will congregate in the kitchen, where you make food, pour drinks, and conversations flow.

But what if your kitchen is outdated and old-fashioned? There’s no need to feel embarrassed about your off-kilter kitchen; update your countertop to make it in sync with today’s trends. In doing so, you’ll provide that wow factor that makes guests want to linger.

CCT Natural Stone Designs proudly provides Dallas residents with chic countertops that add an atmosphere of elegance to your cooking and communal space. So what is out of fashion for kitchens, and what’s becoming popular? This article will explore three kitchen countertop trends that are over and three that are just taking off.

Three Trends that Are Over

While your kitchen countertops may not be stuck in the 1970s or ‘80s (neon plastic laminate from Formica or Wilsonart), they might not be up-to-date with the trends of over twenty years into the new millennium. Here are a few countertops that are ready to retire:

1. Tiled Countertop

Why would you use material meant for flooring as a kitchen countertop? Tile countertops had their trending beginning in the late ‘70s into the early ‘80s, and they still haunt kitchens today.

The look of tiles as a kitchen countertop is busy (many also come in mosaics or bold colors, which is every more of an eyesore) and dated. They are also impractical as they don’t provide an even surface.

But if the awkward look of tile countertops isn’t enough to turn you off, consider this – they are tough to clean properly and are unsanitary. Dirt and bacteria get trapped in the grout. Do you want that where you prepare, serve, and consume your food?

2. Stainless Steel

It may have seemed appropriate to welcome the new millennium with an ultra-modern kitchen, but using stainless steel for everything from appliances to refrigerators and countertops can make you feel like you’re cooking in a spaceship.

All-stainless steel can feel cold and uninviting instead of the warm and welcoming feeling that the kitchen ought to invoke. And while one benefit of stainless steel is that it’s easy to clean, the monochrome chrome is a very dated look.

The silver streak of stainless steel kitchen countertops has most definitely faded to gray.

3. All-White Kitchens

This dismissal may raise a few eyebrows, but all-white kitchens and countertops are trends that should be put away after Labor Day, like your summer wardrobe.

It is tempting to fall in love with the clean, minimalist look and many have, which is precisely the problem. All-white kitchens and countertops became such a hot trend for a while that the style is incredibly overdone. It’s also hard to maintain and makes you afraid to make a mess.

Three Trends that Are Taking Off

If you have one of the aforementioned outdated kitchen countertops or are just seeking a new look, there are plenty of rising trends with a timeless appeal. Here are a few:

1. Light-Colored Quartz

Quartz countertops are an investment that is unlikely to go out of fashion. The material is durable, beautiful, and adds instant class to a kitchen.

But the recent trend is to skip the darker hues and try a lighter, brighter tone. Some popular choices are rose-colored quartz or soft neutral colors that compliment everything.

2. Bold Veining

Perhaps you want your kitchen countertops to make a statement? Bold veining patterns in marble or granite have become all the rage. The look is striking and very chic but also looks like a natural quality of the material.

Just be sure that your cabinets and kitchen accessories are simpler and monochrome to avoid looking too busy. One bold statement at a time is best.

3. Honed Surfaces

Polished kitchen countertops are the most common, but the more textured look of honed countertops is becoming stylish and trendy. The look is more subtle and sophisticated than a high-gloss and feels like a matte lipstick for your kitchen counter.


Are you ready to toss your outdated countertops and swap them for timeless trends that are chic and sophisticated? If you want to transform your kitchen into a warm and welcome place to cook, eat, and entertain, look no further than CCT Natural Stone Designs. As a family-owned business, we know the value of having an incredible, inviting kitchen. 

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