How Do You Polish Granite?

Even incredibly durable and long-lasting granite counters can become damaged over time. You may notice tiny scratches, cloudy stone, or even large marks marring the once-flawless surface. Any damage may look drastic, but most are easy to fix. Almost any granite counters can be polished to its former glory.

  • Choosing a Granite Polish
  • Granite polish comes as either a powder, a liquid, or a cream. No matter what you buy, expect to get a gritty and abrasive substance like baking soda. This is because granite polish is used to remove the top layer of the stone, revealing the smooth and undamaged surface underneath.
  • Like anything, different types of polishes are designed to work better on different types of counters.  Always use the mildest polish possible until you know how your granite will react. The wrong chemical could cause serious damage that only a professional can repair.

  • Cleaning the Counter
  • Always clean your granite countertops before polishing. Remember not to use any abrasive cleaning agents; just wipe your counters down with warm water, soap, and a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. Check your polish to see if it’s best applied to a dry surface or a wet one.

  • Applying the Polish
  • Always read the instructions on the package before you use any type of granite polish. Unless you know how the chemical works, don’t try to substitute any of the steps.

Most polishes should be applied directly to the granite surface. Use a cloth or sponge to rub the compound into the damaged area. You will need to work the polish in, like sanding down wood, until the granite is perfectly smooth. Be sure to wipe the polish off to prevent any further abrasion.

You can polish your granite by hand or using a power polisher instead. Be careful if you haven’t had practice though; pressing down hard could take off a large portion of your countertop!

  • Resealing the Counter
  • Polishing a countertop removes the protective seal. You’ll need to apply a fresh layer to keep the stone safe. Natural stone sealers can be found at the same stores that carry the polish.

Make sure you’ve cleaned the compound off completely before you apply the sealer and follow all package instructions. Give the sealer plenty of time to dry before using your freshly-polished countertop.

Don’t be afraid to call your local granite fabricator to fix major damage or just take the work off your hands. The team at CCT Natural Stone Designs can inspect, polish, and seal your counters whenever you need that extra level of shine.

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