Four Reasons to Pick Granite for Your Kitchen

Granite is a very popular choice for kitchen countertops, but is it the right choice? Here we’ll explore the specific benefits of granite to help you decide if it’s the stone for you.

Granite is an incredibly solid rock that forms from cooled magma under the earth’s surface. This process takes a long time, which makes the stone both valuable and especially strong. As a result, there are specific advantages that make it ideal to use granite for a kitchen countertop.

The Durability

The main difference that sets granite apart from its counterparts is its durability. It is so resistant to heat that a pot can be moved directly from a stove element to the granite countertop with no burning or scarring.

It’s also tough to chip granite due to the strength of the stone. If excessive force does chip a piece off, you might want to keep the chip as countertop professionals can reattach it using a hard epoxy.

Granite’s only vulnerability is that it is a porous stone, meaning that if you leave liquids on it for a sustained time, the fluid can seep into the rock, possibly staining it. However, applying a stone sealant can prevent this and keep your granite looking its best.

Overall, granite is a very durable stone that will last so long it may outlive your house.

The Look

Many alternative materials can be made to look like granite for a kitchen countertop because the stone itself is so attractive. However, while it may look like granite, it won’t act like it.

Granite can come in almost any color you’re after and can range from a near-solid look with minimal veining or flecks to bold looks with contrasting patterns.

Due to the way granite forms, no two pieces of the stone are the same. Therefore, it is essential that you choose your granite in person and not from a sample slab.

Granite countertops usually come buffed to a high-gloss shine. However, for those not partial to the gleaming look, honed granite stops the finishing process a bit earlier, leaving the stone with a more matte finish.

Another area where your granite countertop is customizable is the edging. You can choose from a variety of beveled, rounded, or straight edges.

Easy Maintenance

You’ll be amazed at the shine that comes back after just washing your granite countertop with water and dish soap. You can also buy special granite sprays to really buff them up, but it’s not necessary.

Don’t use anything abrasive or harsh. Blot up any spills to prevent staining, and help your granite become more resistant by adding a sealant (at most once a year).

Resale Value

Granite countertops are increasingly on buyers’ “Must Have” list because of the advantages listed above.

Therefore, installing granite for a kitchen surface is a wise investment not only for boosting the value of your home but because you’re choosing a material that does not go out of style.

There are cheaper alternatives out there, but you will be sacrificing the unmatched durability. Some granites are rarer than others, so the price can fluctuate when you’re researching how much it will cost.

Overall, choosing a granite countertop is a rock-solid choice for your kitchen.

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