Four Bathroom Countertop Trends You Have to See

Hello, 2021, and the fun trends you are bringing with you! We are excited, in particular, about some new bathroom countertop trends making their way into homes this year. Bathroom countertops are constantly evolving; think about what was popular even five years ago! While there are several emerging trends in bathroom remodeling, countertops remain a great way to make a statement. Let’s look at four of the new trends of 2021.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops have replaced granite for designers’ choice. NKBA trends report showed that 74% of designers choose quartz as their top pick. Unlike granite, quartz is non-porous, making it less susceptible to trapping stains and bacteria.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of chances for moisture in the bathroom. If you want the choice of an engineered stone countertop, most typically contain 90% quartz particles. You will get the style and texture without maintenance.

One of the hardest materials, quartz, is a great choice for countertops as it is resistant to staining and scratching. In today’s day and age, cleaning is key. Quartz is great for easy cleaning and is low maintenance. It also has few seams, comes in many colors, finishing techniques, and patterns. Quartz won’t be going anywhere for a while. Look for continued manufacturing improvements as well.

Honed and Leathered Surfaces

These surfaces are more common in bathrooms now and can be applied to many different surfaces, including quartz. While polished surfaces are still the most popular choice, you can make your bathroom stand out with either one of these surfaces. Either option will provide you with the texture or tactile surface you have been craving.

A honed finish has little to no shine and is considered a matte finish. The look of this finish will vary based on what type of stone you choose. A leathered finish is a newer choice and is also less glossy. The soft sheen is soft to the touch, which accounts for the different feel. The great thing about a leathered finish is that it keeps the stone’s natural color and hides water spots and fingerprints.

Veining and Patterns and Dark Colors

Want to add some character to your countertops? It used to be that you could only get veining and patterns in granite or marble. However, with today’s technology, this can also be applied with quartz or other materials. Realistic-looking veining and patterns can now be swirled in. This is a real compliment to other bathroom elements and provides a great visual background.

Dark colors are sleek and stylish. These types of countertops can make a significant contrast to other bathroom features. Dark, bold countertops make a statement and make other elements pop. You can choose the option of matte or glossy when it comes to a darker-colored countertop.

Alternative Choices

Also, You may want to think about going green. To do this, you can think about three things: What is in the countertop? What would it take to make it and get it to you? What happens when I am done with it?

You now have the option to choose from a wide variety of countertop materials. These materials range and include terrazzo, plastic, recycled paper (composite), recycled aluminum, wood, bamboo, laminate, stainless steel, tile, or concrete.

If you want some other choices, consider the wide range of materials you can choose, even if the ones above do not appeal to you. Popular options today also include solid surface, which is made from acrylic resins and natural materials. This is great for people who want a middle ground between laminate and high-end stone.

You can also choose travertine, a member of the marble family. Limestone might be the right choice for you if you are looking for a more rustic look. If you want the look of classic beauty, soapstone is the option for you. Centuries-old, it is non-porous. The light gray color will turn darker, or patina with age or application of mineral oil.

Choose Your Bathroom Countertop

When it comes to choosing a countertop, most people pick based on looks. However, you also need to consider the price, durability, and maintenance. If you are looking to update your bathroom countertop, let us know your vision and we can give you a free estimate and expert advice on how to turn your vision to reality. 

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