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Edging Choices at CCT Natural Stone Designs

The edging on your counters gives you the opportunity to show off your personal taste and style. From crisp lines to rounded corners, we can create an edge that looks perfect with the rest of your kitchen design.

Standard edging methods typically fall into four categories: beveled, rounded, bullnose, and straight. Some of these designs can be combined or altered to create edges like the half bullnose or the top-and-bottom bevel.

In general, edges look best when they match the other lines in the room. Some kitchens are full of rounded surfaces and look best with round or bullnose counters. On the other hand, a modern kitchen full of crip lines looks better with straight or beveled edges along your stone surfaces.

We also offer several premium edging choices that will give your kitchen a truly unique flair. These angles are slightly more difficult to create, but the results include stunning lines and beautiful curves. Try the Hollywood Bevel, Dupont, Platner, or Ogee edges for an extra bit of countertop class.

Our team will bring both edging and material samples to your estimate appointment. Please ask us any questions you might have; we’re happy to help you select the perfect edging design for your home.

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