Design on the Modern Edge with These Countertops

Are you at the stage of installing your kitchen countertops? This essential step brings your dream kitchen into a reality and gives form to your imagination, making it very important.

However, it’s easy to feel confused and lost, given the numerous options. Even if you already have a picture of what you want, several materials with elegant finishing and designs can make it hard to decide on the ultimate choice.

We’ve listed some of the best countertop ideas regarding durability, appearance, and designs. We understand just how essential your kitchen countertop is to the overall look of the place, and we want to help you make the right decision. So read on to find out some of the best options to consider, depending on your needs and your home’s interior décor choices.


Granite has remained at the top of kitchen countertop options in most medium to high-end homes for several years. It’s a 100 percent naturally occurring stone available in a wide range of unique and beautiful colors, shades, and veins that match every style and preference. Granite answers all your calls, whether you love the subtle appearance to complement your kitchen or patterns and designs to give you a unique finishing.

Again, granite is durable and resistant to heat, stains, and scratches, making it an excellent choice for kitchen tasks. However, the material is porous, meaning liquids like water and wine can gradually seep through it and leave stains. So, again, it encourages the breeding of bacteria and can make your countertop less hygienic.

However, that’s no red flag, as you can schedule nonporous sealing once in a while to keep it hygienic and discourage its porous nature. Again, clean any liquid spills immediately to keep them tidy and safe.


Marble’s deep veins and three-dimensional presentation make it an excellent choice for homeowners interested in a more dramatic look. While it feels softer than granite, it’s equally durable and one of the most heat-resistant stones.

Similarly, marble is the direction to look if you’re interested in a white finishing and a luxuriously unforgettable look. It offers a cutting-edge beautiful white-finishing above the other options.

However, marble is porous, and exposing it to acidic liquids and red wine can destroy your elegant countertop. As a result, you may consider sealing it with a nonporous sealant every once in a while to keep it beautiful and enjoy the elegance, luxury, and beauty for longer.


Quartz kitchen countertops are a formulation of 90 to 95 percent naturally occurring minerals and at least 5 percent polymer resins to create variety, add aesthetics, and result in the beautiful designs you see around. The quartz mineral is one of the hardest and is more durable than granite.

It’s easy to maintain and clean, luxurious, stain resistant, and stands through wear and tear. Also, quartz comes in varying patterns, colors, and finishing to give a design that matches the natural feel and look of a stone.

Similarly, quartz is less porous and qualifies as the most hygienic material for the countertops. However, you still need to wipe off any liquid spills to make it safe and clean at all times. Also, you’ll need sealing at some point to keep the aesthetic look and glow of your kitchen’s countertops.

While quartz is nearly indestructible, the material is less tolerant to heat, and placing hot pans on it can lead to its destruction. Being an engineered material also gives it a more artificial look than a natural stone. However, quartz remains a favorite in most high-end kitchens because of its durability, unique finishing, and aesthetic look.


Quartzite, a beautiful and naturally occurring stone, is rapidly gaining popularity in kitchen and bathroom renovation and designing spaces. It occurs as a mineral from sandstone but undergoes natural processes to form a metamorphic rock, quartzite.

Its formation, physical appearance, veining, texture, and color resembles marble, and many people mistake the two for each other. However, marble forms out of limestone, making it less strong compared to quartzite. Again, the latter doesn’t etch like marble and doesn’t discolor however long it stays in contact with lemon.

While it may sound more like quartz, the two materials are far different in material, finishing, color, and other aesthetics. Similarly, quartzite is stronger than graphite, more heat and stain resistant, and requires less maintenance.

A countertop is a vital part of your kitchen’s interior decoration and aesthetics. Besides being the focal point, it also harbors almost all the actions around the kitchen. As a result, you need a material that’s resistant to wear and tear, offers more durability, and matches the overall aesthetic of your kitchen and home.

The options we shared here, plus other materials like Onyx, Dekton, and Neolith will give you the benefits you need. However, you also play a significant role in ensuring your desktops’ durability, shine, and aesthetics.

Consult with your installation or manufacturer guidelines on the right products to use in the process. Using a nonabrasive, soft towel will also reduce tear and wear on your countertops.

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