All About Dekton: The Best Countertop Material You Have Never Heard Of

Just because you’ve never heard of Dekton doesn’t mean it’s not the perfect countertop material for your kitchen. This composite material, or engineered stone, has a realistic natural stone look. If you want or need a countertop material that won’t get damaged by heat and will never stain, Dekton is a fantastic choice.

What Is Dekton Made Of?

Dekton is a mixture of specific raw materials, including ones found in quartz, glass, and porcelain. You’ll hear Dekton referred to as man-made quartz. It’s so durable and versatile that you can use it for flooring as well as countertops.  Additionally, you may even find Dekton used for building facades.

Dekton Stone Production

A Spanish company called Cosentino produces Dekton. Cosentino is renowned for its beautiful countertop surfaces, and Dekton is undoubtedly among them. The company developed Dekton as a better-performing alternative to quartz. Dekton is so durable that it’s almost impossible to destroy.

The process Cosentino uses to create Dekton is referred to as sinterized particle technology. It involves intense pressure and heat and creates a remarkably durable and strong countertop material. The company explains that Dekton stands up to heat, scratching, ice, staining, and more.

Should You Get Dekton Countertops?

Do you want a low-maintenance material for your countertops? Dekton is a great choice. It’s so durable it’s even fireproof, according to Cosentino. Did you know that your home insurance may not cover fire damage if a fire is deemed your fault? So if you ever have a kitchen fire and have non-fireproof countertops, the fire will destroy them, and you will have the expense of repairing them.

What Do Dekton Countertops Look Like?

Dekton countertops have an extremely subtle luster. They’re basically matte, but they do have a little bit of a sheen. If you want a more specialized texture, you can find it in specific Dekton colors. For example, there are ribbed and textured versions available. Some homeowners find that textured Dekton looks a bit like leather in its finish.

Other Advantages of Dekton Countertops

One of the perks of Dekton countertops is how they’re installed in one piece. This means cuts and joints aren’t involved. The surface is beautifully smooth and uniform. Dekton is also eminently versatile, so you can use it with almost any kitchen decor or design.

Dekton countertops also have outstanding color stability. It won’t take damage from abrasion and has almost nonexistent water absorption. When you have Dekton countertops, you appreciate how well they stand up to scratching and stains. As mentioned earlier, Dekton is also fireproof.

Dekton doesn’t stain, and it absorbs almost zero moisture because it’s nonporous. If you want light-colored countertops, getting them in Dekton will mean you won’t have to worry about stains ruining your kitchen’s look.

Dekton vs. Other Popular Countertop Materials

Granite, marble, and quartz countertops are all gorgeous, top-quality, and versatile countertop materials. As a homeowner, you have your own individual preferences and needs. Depending on your circumstances and lifestyle, you might decide one of these countertops types is for you.

But it’s also true that Dekton has distinct advantages you’re likely to value. Without question, granite is currently the most sought-after countertop material. Just installing granite countertops in your home will significantly boost its resale value.

While granite is perfect for many homeowners, it does have disadvantages that Dekton doesn’t. For instance, you must clean granite in a specific way. If you make a mistake, you risk permanently damaging your countertops.

There are many similarities between Dekton and quartz, but the former wins out when it comes to practicality. For example, Dekton has the heat resistance that quartz lacks. If you tend to put hot pots and pans on your countertops, Dekton is a better choice than quartz.

While marble is certainly beautiful and distinctly luxurious, it does have its downsides. When it comes to durability and ease of use, Dekton is the more practical choice. For one thing, marble is porous and may stain.

Custom Installation

No matter what kind of countertops you choose, custom installation is essential. Based in Dallas, Texas, CCT Natural Stone Designs keeps your home and its unique needs top of mind. The company has been around since 2003, and it boasts a top-notch team of design and development professionals.

Choosing and installing new countertops is an important decision. You’ll have to live with the results for the long term, and there are significant expenses involved. Make the right move and go with an experienced company that always puts quality and customer service first.

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