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If you live in the Dallas area and are on the lookout for top-notch countertops that will brighten up your home and last for decades, look no further than CCT Natural Stone Designs. You won’t have to spend any more sleepless nights googling “countertops near me,” and coming up with lackluster results. We’re here to solve all of your problems!

Countertops Near Me In Dallas, TX


Marble is a classic, timeless stone. You know for sure that it’s classic because it’s been used for centuries, yet it’s never gone out of style. Marble is just as coveted today as it was fifty years ago, and fifty years before that.

One thing to know about marble is that it’s a bit more delicate than other natural stones. It’s softer and more porous, which means that it requires a degree of care in order to keep up its looks and integrity. It requires sealant, but even after the slab is sealed, you should clean up spills as soon as they occur to prevent staining.

If you have the time and inclination to care for marble, it can do wonders in brightening up your kitchen or bathroom. It brings a personality all its own to a space, and your home will truly shine.


Granite is a durable natural stone whose aesthetics have also lasted the test of time. It can last in your home for generations as long as you take care of it correctly—and the good news is that it doesn’t require much maintenance at all.

Much like marble, granite requires sealant because it is a porous stone. But it is highly resistant to heat and scratches, making it nearly indestructible. If you want a natural stone countertop but aren’t interested in much maintenance, we recommend granite.


People love quartzite because of its unique aesthetics. In many cases, it’s compared to the look of marble, but it has the durability of a granite slab. This makes it the perfect choice for those who love marble aesthetics but don’t have time to maintain it.

Quartzite is porous, so it requires sealant, as marble and granite do. It’s also extremely durable, dense, and resistant to chemicals, scratches, and heat. This countertop is great for a high-activity, bustling household that values a beautiful kitchen.


Quartz is the engineered stone in our showroom, made with a base of natural quartz with resin binders included that qualify it as a man-made material. Engineered quartz countertops are nonporous, which means they never have to be sealed and are highly stain resistant. They’re a great option for the kitchen because they’re so hygienic—since there are no pores on their surface, it’s not possible for germs and bacteria to make a home there.

Since it’s a man-made stone, quartz is known for having more predictable and streamlined patterns and designs. So, if you’re not interested in the unpredictable patterns of natural stone, we’d recommend engineered quartz.

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If you’re in Dallas and want quality countertops, stop searching for “countertops near me” and instead stop into CCT Natural Stone Designs. Give us a call today!

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