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You have many options when choosing the best countertops in Coppell, TX. Should you go with popular granite? What about warm, high-end marble? Maybe you’ve heard good things about quartzite – a tough, versatile material increasingly becoming a staple in modern designs.

If your countertops are due for an upgrade, call CCT Natural Stone Designs. Our experts can explain to you the benefits of each material and help you select the stone that’s right for your home. We carry hundreds of options to suit every bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor space.

Our professional team also provides custom installation to make sure that whichever design you choose fits your home just right to make your space glow.


Natural granite has been a kitchen and bathroom favorite for years. The knock against granite has long been its porous surface, but CCT Natural Stone Designs applies a sealant to granite surfaces. This will keep your granite countertops looking pristine and vibrant instead of stained and worn.

Granite can complement any home. CCT Natural Stone Designs offers a wide variety of styles from cheery pink, austere black, and a range of whites and grays. Let us help you choose a granite design that complements your home’s aesthetic.


Rich marble instantly makes any space feel more luxurious and adds to your home’s value. While it requires a bit of maintenance, the addition of natural marble countertops is an improvement well worth the investment.

Contact an expert at CCT Natural Stone Designs to talk about how we can incorporate our gorgeous marble into your home’s design.


Are you a host with dramatic flair? Quartzite is rapidly becoming a favorite among homeowners with modern tastes. This material is strong enough to stand up to high heat plus all the wear and tear you might put it through while entertaining guests. Quartzite is sure to wow your visitors with its evocative designs.

CCT Natural Stone Designs carries products featuring dramatic golden veins, sky-blue coloring, and other visually striking colors. With more than 200 quartzite patterns in stock, CCT Natural Stone Designs has something to suit the fancy of even the most discerning homeowner.

Custom Installation

Don’t leave our beautiful products in just anyone’s hands. CCT Natural Stone Designs offers custom installation in the Coppell, Texas area. Our team is happy to help you bring your design concept to life. Even if you aren’t sure where to start, one of our experts can help you find the best countertop material for your home, whether that’s granite, marble, or quartzite.

Once you’ve picked out the perfect new countertop, one of our specialists will oversee installation to make sure our natural products look their best, complement your decor, and meet all of your expectations.

If you’re planning a remodeling project, please call CCT Natural Stone Designs today. Let’s talk about how one of our high-quality countertops and expert installation can make your Coppell, Texas home shine all the brighter for years to come.

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