Three Countertops for a Decadent Spa Bathroom

If you want to transform your bathroom into a spa-like destination, the best way to do it is by revitalizing your countertops. By simply revamping your existing decor, you can quickly shift your bathroom from run-of-the-mill to luxe in a matter of just a few weeks. These countertops for a spa bathroom are easy ways to enhance and beautify your bathroom.

These countertops also work with any size bathroom and can even raise the property value of your home if you ever decide to sell it. They are intelligent, easy investments that will leave you feeling more luxurious and decadent than ever before. If you’ve always wanted to have the spa experience at home, install one of these countertops for a spa bathroom.

Dark Granite

There is a reason why dark granite is one of the most perennially popular bathroom countertop materials; it just oozes elegance and sophistication. It also happens to be exceptionally durable, and the darker the granite is, the more resistant it becomes to stains and scratches. Since there are precious few rooms in your home that experience the wear and tear of your bathroom, dark granite is an excellent choice.

Granite also goes with a number of different color schemes and designs. It can be classic, modern, whimsical, or sleek. You can dress it up or down with other accessories, like decorative faucets or accents. You can also use granite in several different ways. It makes an excellent countertop, but you can install it on the floor or even make an accent wall out of dark granite. The choices are endless.

Many people like to pair dark granite with white or nude colors for a stunning contrast that’s hard to beat. You could also add in bright accent colors or metallics to showcase the granite. Some people prefer to go with a colorful backsplash or tile mosaic to offset their granite and further their bathroom’s spa look and feel.

Creamy Marble

It’s hard to go wrong with marble countertops, especially when they are done in snowy white or creamy colors. Marble is one of the most iconic spa materials, dating all the way back to Grecian times, and adding some creamy marble countertops in your bathroom will undoubtedly echo and invoke this look. It’s also a material that’s predominantly associated with wealth and status, although marble is more accessible than ever before.

Creamy and neutral marble can go with any style or color scheme. It looks phenomenal as part of a monochromatic look paired with other neutrals or dark colors. It also looks excellent when showcased against bright colors like cobalt blue or hot pink. The luxurious feel of marble lets you get away with more adventurous color combinations in the rest of your decor.

As marble ages, it tends to wear in certain areas, giving it a weathered but polished look that’s totally unique. Also, each piece of marble has specific veining, and over time, this can become more prominent. Marble countertops are durable, handsome, and will completely transform your bathroom into the beautiful spa of your dreams.

Sparkling Quartz

Sparkling quartz might not be as popular as dark granite or creamy marble for bathroom countertops, but that just makes the addition of this material more unexpected and sophisticated. Sparkling quartz adds some dazzle and shine to your bathroom without totally stealing the show. It generally comes in grey and white, and the sparkles are caused by tiny mirrored chips that are added to the quartz.

As a result, the quartz looks like it’s almost alive, but the effect is subdued enough to let other aspects of your bathroom take center stage too. If you want an elegant look that is a relatively inexpensive but beautiful option, this is a great choice.

Like many of the others on this list, sparkling quartz is subtle enough to go with any color scheme or design.

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