Four Countertop Styles for Your Home Spa

Turning a functional bathroom into a personal retreat makes every day feel like a spa day. A vacation-worthy self-care oasis is easy to create in an existing bathroom.

Trends in home spa design include bringing nature indoors. Plants, stones, wooden mats, wicker baskets, natural sponges and loofahs, natural-fiber towels, and scents from nature are common elements in today’s home spa. Replacing an old countertop with a natural-stone countertop can complete the look.

We have four natural-stone counter styles that fit well in a home spa: granite, marble, travertine, and quartz.

Granite Countertops for Your Home Spa

The natural stone look of granite makes an excellent choice for a home spa countertop. Granite is one of the most versatile and popular counter styles. Granite has a natural look and comes in colors including white, black, brown, pink, and grey with various marbling patterns.

Granite resists dirt and bacteria, which is a desirable trait for a bathroom counter. If you’re looking for a surface resistant to heat, chipping, and scratching, granite is a good choice. It can stand up to curling irons, hot candles, coffee cups, and everyday use. It is also resistant to cleaning chemicals.

Even though granite does have a porous surface, we can apply a sealant to prevent stains in a wet bathroom environment.

We get our granite directly from the quarry. Cutting out a middleman means that we can provide a better variety and price than most fabricators.


Marble countertops are a cool and calming choice for a home spa countertop. This luxury stone can fit any spa theme. The smooth marbling pattern in every marble slab is unique. Marbling patterns feature white, cream, brown, grey, and black.

Marble is a heat-resistant stone, so you don’t have to worry about ruining it with heated fragrance products or hot hairstyling appliances. Some customers even use it as a fireplace surround.

While marble is higher-maintenance stone than other stones, it will add value to your home.

Customers are often concerned about stains and etching, but we can add a highly effective sealant to slow down liquid absorption. A bathroom is a perfect place for marble in a home because it can remain etch-free using alkaline and base cleaners and avoiding acidic drink spills (like red wine and coffee).


Travertine has a thick and velvety stone look, which works wonderfully in a home spa. This earthy stone has gorgeous veining and comes in colors ranging from cream, brown, black, and even colors like blue, orange, red, and gold. Travertine is easy to cut and shape, so some customers combine two colors for an even more fashionable look.

Romans used travertine in buildings like the Colosseum and Theater of Marcellus, which is a testament to travertine’s strength and durability.

Travertine easily absorbs water and moisture, making it an excellent choice for a spa bathroom countertop.

Because travertine is a naturally porous stone, we can apply a sealant upon installation. Regular sealing and polishing can keep it looking its best. Homeowners should avoid acidic spills from coffee or wine and use a non-abrasive base or alkaline cleaner to prevent etching and scratching.


Quartz countertops look all-natural, which is mainly true because they are 90-95% quartz. However, manufacturers use resin to hold quartz chips together in a completed quartz slab, sometimes adding artificial pigments. Quartz comes in colors ranging from white and cream to grey and black, with unique patterns similar to those found in marble.

Quartz countertops may be a more expensive spa countertop choice. However, they are a popular choice for bathroom countertops because they are non-porous and don’t need a sealant like most other natural stone countertops. Having a non-porous surface means they also resist bacteria and viruses.

Quartz is a stain-resistant countertop choice. If you have a wet and humid bathroom, spill your coffee and wine, and use your favorite bathroom cleaner, quartz doesn’t care.

Unfortunately, quartz is vulnerable to heat, so take care not to leave hot appliances and drinks directly on its surface.

Custom Installation

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