How to Buy Quartz Counters

Quartz countertops can transform your outdated kitchen into a beautiful area of the house. But how do you know if it is the right decision for your household? Below we discuss the key questions to ask before you buy quartz countertops.

How Are Quartz Counters Manufactured?

So, how are quartz counters made? It begins with the mining of natural quartz crystals. Fabricators grind the crystals into fine dust or aggregate, and then they mix it with resin binders. This mixture of 7% resin and 93% quartz is performed at high pressure and heat to create a hard slab.

To implement different colors and designs, the manufacturer will add pigments and polymers throughout the desired countertop process. Once the optimal design and color are determined, the slab is cut down to fit the design, edging, and cutouts for various house appliances.

How Much Will I Pay for Quartz Countertops

Quartz comes at a similar cost compared to natural stone. You can anticipate paying anywhere between $60-$90 per square foot, in addition to the installation fee.

What is the Difference between Quartz and Granite?

Quartz and granite are both hard stones, but there are a couple of differences to note. Granite is 100 percent natural, while quartz is not. The polymers and resins used for quartz make it nonporous and completely stain resistant. Because granite is natural and porous, you must seal it effectively to prevent future stains.

Quartz is also resistant to scratches and chips because of its extra flexibility with the resins and polymers. This resin comes at a price, however, because it is not heat resistant. Therefore, you cannot install it outside or place hot pans directly on the countertop like you would be able to with granite.

What are the Pros of Quartz Counters?

Here are several of the positive benefits of quartz:

● Compatible with design projects—When you add resin to quartz, it enables a clean cut for fabricators for shaping curved islands or sinks. Quartz slabs can also convert to standard sizes for walls and floors.
● Antimicrobial—Resin binders transform quartz slabs into nonporous surfaces, eliminating the possibility of mold, bacteria, and mildew penetrating through the surface.
● Low maintenance—Quartz does not need to be sealed, unlike wood or natural stone. You can also wipe it down with soapy water or apply a gentle scrub for stains.

What are the Cons of Quartz Counters?

While quartz offers a low-maintenance and design-friendly surface, there are a few drawbacks to consider:

● Not suitable for outdoor use—Direct sunlight can cause the color to fade or the countertop to split after extended exposure.
● It cannot endure through high heat—Although quartz is heat resistant up to a point, many fabricators mention that temperatures over 400 degrees Fahrenheit will cause the surface to crack.
● Expensive—Quartz is costly compared to DIY alternatives like concrete, wood, and laminate. While quartz can cost anywhere between $60-$90 per square foot, most of the DIY options are around $10-$15 per square foot.

How Long Does Quartz Last?

Most quartz countertop manufacturers advertise warranties of anywhere between ten and fifteen years to as much as a lifetime. Because quartz is nonporous and protects against stains, you can expect your quartz counters to last as long as you have your kitchen.

Where Can I Buy Quartz Countertops?

The standard process of buying quartz countertops is as follows:

● Evaluate the different prices and colors.
● Choose your color and brand.
● Gather price quotes and make the order.
● After waiting about a week, schedule your installation.

While it is easy to buy quartz countertops at the mainstream home-improvement stores, you will not have a wide selection of colors or designs to choose from. You may also run into below-average contractors to manage the installation, which will not give you a bang for your buck.

It would be best for you to focus your research on a nearby stone yard in your hometown. Prioritize businesses that offer the full range of services, including design, sale, installation, and fabrication. You will work with skilled craftsmen who will make sure the job gets done right. If anything gets done incorrectly, you will only have to deal with a single company.

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