The Benefits of Getting Quartzite Counters

Quartzite is an up-and-coming countertop material. It’s beautiful, formidable, and gives a natural feel to your kitchen. Despite all of its wonders, not everyone has heard of quartzite. So, let’s dig into some of the benefits of quartzite countertops.

Strength and Durability

One of the best reasons (and probably the top reason) for getting quartzite is its strength. While granite usually receives the praise of toughness, quartzite is actually the tougher of the two. While staying power and durability are desirable in anyone’s kitchen, quartzite’s longevity is especially appealing if you use your counters intensively.

Adding to quartzite’s strength testimony is its resistance to scratches. Material like marble, which is classic and beautiful, is prone to scratching. Quartzite maintains much of the essence of marble without sacrificing the ability to withstand scratches, bangs, and nicks.

Although it may not be something you often consider, countertops are prone to fading due to UV rays from the sun. Quartzite also holds up well against this unavoidable issue. If you have a sunny kitchen, a UV-resistant material like quartzite is worth considering.

Additionally, if you’re looking to put counter surfaces outdoors, quartzite will hold up in the direct sun and other outdoor conditions.

Heat Resistance

In the same way that quartzite is strong like granite, it also has similar heat-resistance properties. Quartzite is a naturally forming metamorphic rock, so if it can withstand the heat of the earth, it can stand the heat of the kitchen.

Some countertop materials, like concrete, will scorch if you place a hot item on the counter. While you can stock up on trivets and potholders, this is a tiring extra step when you just want to get your meal prepared. Having a highly heat-resistant countertop material like quartzite eliminates worry and extra care.

Wide Range of Colors and Patterns

Pure quartzite is white, like marble, but several factors add color and interest to its pattern. The presence or absence of iron oxide, the stone’s age, and its place of origin all play into the impurities that may occur and alter the stone’s color.

Quartzite is also similar to marble in its texture. Quartzite can range from light, bluish hues to red or tan colors. Apart from just the range of colors, the patterns that form vary significantly from one another, providing many unique options.

Earthy and Natural Feel

In addition to a lovely array of color options, quartzite’s overall feel is an earthy and natural one. Unlike quartz, which has a similar name but is quite different, quartzite is at least 90% natural stone. Quartz is an engineered stone, and this affects the character of the material.

Quartzite’s character reflects its natural origin and radiates a beautiful, organic feel. Although you may not think of this character reflected in a home or kitchen, quartzite is surprisingly versatile. This versatility is due, in part, to the wide range of colors, hues, and patterns that may occur in quartzite.

Easy to Clean

Quartzite’s surface and texture are smooth, solid, and nonporous. Its lack of porousness means two things: counters are easy to wipe off and clean, and germs are less likely to be absorbed into the surface.

A porous stone, such as marble and even granite, has microscopic holes that allow elements of food, liquid, and other substances to soak into the material. This means that even when you clean your counters, a certain amount of the substance has sunk beyond basic cleaning products’ reach. This is what causes staining in your countertops.

Despite being an all-natural stone like marble and granite, quartzite isn’t porous and is therefore much less likely to absorb substances and cause stains. Several surfaces require you to apply a sealant to attain this stain-resistant status, and while this is a good practice, quartzite has this quality naturally and may not need it.

Quartzite also doesn’t require special cleaning products. Regular soap and water work just fine without damaging the integrity of the stone.


With all of the benefits of quartzite counters, it’s no wonder why they’re increasing in popularity. We at CCT Natural Stone Designs offer custom counter installations, including installations for quartzite. We have a selection of over 200 quartzite color options from which you can choose. Contact our specialists for more information and to help you plan your next kitchen revamp.

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