Thinking about Installing Waterfall Countertops? Read This First.

There’s so much to love about waterfall countertops, so it’s no wonder that they have become more prevalent than ever. These types of countertops scream sophistication, and they have a unique talent for tying the look of a kitchen together.

At CCT Natural Stone Designs, our showroom is full of stone options that would be great for a waterfall countertop. If you find a specific countertop material that you think would work well for your home and lifestyle, it’s very likely that it can be formed into the waterfall shape.

There’s no doubt that waterfall countertops are easy on the eyes, but did you know that they can also raise the resale value of your home? It’s true—these types of countertops are a great selling point; when a buyer walks in and sees a waterfall countertop, they’re more likely to gravitate toward your home or make a higher offer.

But waterfall countertop installation is a big deal. In this article, learn about what you should consider before you make the leap.

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A Trend for Everyone

Not long ago, waterfall countertops were only seen in the homes of extremely wealthy people because they were too expensive for average homeowners to afford. They became popular because they streamlined the aesthetics of the kitchen by effectively hiding the appliances behind the countertop slab and making the kitchen appear tidy and clutter free.

As materials have become more widely accessible, the price of waterfall countertops has gone down, and now they’re more affordable than they’ve ever been. Everyone can enjoy the look of a tidy kitchen and the luxury that comes with this style.

Waterfall Countertop Advantages

Keep reading to learn about the most notable advantages of waterfall countertops:

They clean up your space.
Waterfall countertops are known for the frame that they place over your kitchen cabinets. This gives you a place to set all of your appliances when they’re not being used.

They catch the eye.
Countertops are a big investment, so it’s only right that they get the attention they deserve.

They’re durable.
Waterfall countertops are as durable as the stone they’re composed of. If you create a waterfall countertop out of marble or quartz, they will remain tough against scratches and other such damage.

Waterfall Countertop Basics

If you’re not familiar with the waterfall countertop, it looks a little something like this: a countertop with a horizontal ledge that creates a corner with the vertical ledge, which extends to the floor. These countertops are great assets in a modern kitchen because they emphasize the sleekness and crispness of the room.

Materials to Use

The quality of your waterfall countertop depends on the material you choose, so you should avoid anything but the very best. Many people gravitate toward stone materials for their waterfall countertop because stone is durable, versatile, and unique—which are three great qualities for a waterfall countertop.

Is the Waterfall for You?

Now that you understand waterfall countertops on a deeper level, you’re better equipped to make an educated decision about installing them. To learn more about this type of countertop, get in touch with CCT Natural Stone Designs today.

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