5 Reasons Granite Is a Good Choice for a Kitchen Countertop

Granite counters are one of the easiest ways to add style and class to any kitchen. But this natural stone isn’t just elegant; it’s also incredibly well-suited to a cooking environment.

  1. Granite Is Stain Resistant

Sealed granite is relatively non-porous and doesn’t absorb liquid easily. This means it won’t stain, even if you spill red wine, beet juice, or tomato sauce.

Most spills can be cleaned off granite counters by wiping them with a rag. If water is left o the counter for an extended period, you might notice a dark spot; however, this should evaporate in just a few minutes. The only way to stain the stone is if you let an oil spill soak into the counter. And even then, the stain can usually be removed.

  1. Granite Is Heat Resistant

Granite can withstand temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit without cracking. You can place a hot pan right on your granite counter without so much as a scratch, which makes it the perfect choice for cooks of all experience levels.

This same heat resistants also makes granite a popular choice for sinks and backsplashes. Although granite could theoretically be damaged with direct heat for an extended period, there’s almost nothing you can do in the kitchen that would cause damage to this natural stone.

  1. Granite Is Durable

Granite isn’t just resistant to heat; it’s also resistant to scratches, chips, cracks, and nearly any other form of damage. It takes an incredible amount of pressure to crack granite, and you’re probably not going to apply that amount of pressure while you cook.

To make sure your granite lasts as long as possible, re-coat it with sealant on a regular basis. If a scratch does occur, you can simply polish it to reveal the beautiful stone underneath.

  1. Granite Is Affordable

Granite is one of the most affordable natural stone materials. Although it’s obviously more expensive than plastic or laminate counters, it’s still significantly cheaper than quartzite or marble.

In addition to the low installation price, granite counters also require almost no maintenance. When you finally sell your home, you can expect your granite counters to be just as valuable as the day you bought them.

  1. Granite Is Beautiful

No matter which color or pattern you choose, it’s hard to deny that granite slabs are breathtakingly beautiful. Every piece of stone is completely unique, and you may find yourself getting lost in the deep and intricate veins.

The amazing appearance of polished granite is an excellent choice for contemporary or elegant kitchen designs. Choose a bright color to make an impact, or select neutral counters that look good no matter how many times you remodel the room.

The truth is that granite counters belong in a kitchen environment. Whether you want a functional surface or a gorgeous accent, a granite countertop may be just the thing your kitchen is looking for.

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